Find Joy Everyday

Day 363 Sophie Signature Style Challenge ( )

I found simple challenging. At the end this what I had come up with. I had wanted to scraplift Day 363 Sophie’s designs of the use of ribbon and multiples.

So, this is the first time, I had used Martha Stewart butterfly puncher and I love this card, because I felt it brings some cheer and inspires me to find joy everyday in all that I do.. though fragile, I aspire to fly to greater things with hope and faith. I had used different colours for the butterflies to signify the beauty of life in different colours, one only had to change perception to rediscover new joy when things get tough!.

I hope you enjoy this creation :).

Find Joy Everyday

Day 361 Have A Great Day

I thoroughly enjoyed making this card. I chose a choc0late base patterned card, and noted the pink and cream. So, I have used these few colours for the overall look.

I scraplifted from Kristie Signature Style card, by using, clean lines, scalloped border and button. I have used Martha Stewart puncher to get the scalloped pattern and button in the distressed flower (this one I learnt from one of the cards from 365cards.blogspot.. I cant remember the creator’s name..  thank you!) and the sentiment, which I had layered to the theme colours of the day and pearls to add a touch of style to it!.

I love making the flower , my first. Yippee!

Have A Great Day :)!

Day 362 – Christmas Trio Tags

I know I am off season :). But since I was kinda late in making Christmas goodies last year, I have started early my quota this year. Because its always too late, when I start around November..too many cards that I have to make at the very last minute… and too many year end distractions.

I thought this would be an excellent gift for Christmas esp friends, and I know that they will hang it up their Christmas tree and may become part of their Christmas tree decorations. 

I have scraplift from the scallop and round shaped of Amy’s Signature Style, love this design Amy :). And I have to make more of these! 

I have used scraps from last year, glitter paper (as of Christmas theme)and my scallop/round punches. Adhered Christmas tree cut outs from patterned paper and greetings. I have used ribbons and put it through a button and tied a bow. 


Christmas Trio Tags

Coconut Candy

I first fell in love with coconut candy during Canteen Week when I was schooling in Convent Sitiawan. At then end of every school term, after all the exams are over, the school organises canteen week. Each class will aim to raise fund by volunteering to make some food and sell them to other classes. So every day for that one and a half week ( we only had 8 secondary classes), we will have foods parade from other classes displaying their wares by going from classroom to classroom. How I miss them!

Coconut candy is so very nice la! Its main ingredient are freshly grated white coconut, butter, condensed milk and colouring. I love the colours and the rich flavours but not the very sweet ones that you get at the shop. I got this recipe from my friend Giti and she makes such lovely candies for Diwali every year. When when I visit, I would normally hoard the candies :p. So she has learnt to make extras for me lol.

I have since made the coconut candy myself.. and friends and family love it. It has the rich texture that you dont get to experience when you buy them at the shops. Its really easy to make and the kids love them.


One freshly grated coconut (fresh coconut adds a really nice body to the candy compared to the dried (desicated) ones you get at the supermarkets.

2 cups of sugar ( normally I use only 1 cup)

125g butter

1 tsb ghee (I find with the touch of ghee, the candy has oomph. It still taste good if you choose to omit)

1 tsp vanilla

 1 small can of sweetened condensed milk

colouring ( normal colours used are green, pink and yellow, either one)

Making the coconut candy

Mix everything and stir in a pan/wok over a low fire. Then add in desired coloring and continue to stir. Constant stirring is important to avoid burns.

Stir till the liquid in the mix starts solidify, thicken and becomes  a dough. Just continue to stir till it feels ready and remove from the pan.

Dish it into a flat plate or small 8X8 inch tray and flaten it out with with your spoon. Leave it to cool. You will need to cut the candy into small cubes size while its still warm and before it hardens.

You can put them into the fridge to help it solidify further when its cool. You can put them into a jar. Since it is not perservative added, it is best to consumed them within the week.


Sugar when its cooked and caramelised its Very HOT, careful not to touch it or taste it hot, let it cool before when tasting whilst cooking.

Make sure your white freshly grated coconut is white and remove any darken skin. It will avoid spots in your candies.

Stirring long enough is important to ensure that your candy will solidify and hardens, otherwise,  it will not harden, and remains soft in room temperature.

To get a really smooth surface, you can layer the  top with cling wrap and use a spoon to smoothen it out whilst its still warm.

ps… will upload pics.. just realise I forgotten to take the pics the last time I made them.

Fun Learning with Malaysian Sign Language

Hi all (Klang Valley, Malaysia only)

An open invite to anyone who may be interested in this programme. This programme is open to all kids. Family members, relatives or friends of impaired hearing children are encouraged to attend to learn the language of communication with them. Please mail me at

Rotary Club of Danau Desa is organising an appreciation of our Malaysian Sign Language through its programmed entitled “Fun Learning with Sign Language” for children aged 8 – 17 years. We would like to invite you to participate by inviting any friends or kids that may want to learn and acquire new skills in a fun way.

 A bit about the programme

Learning Sign Language, believe it or not, it’s really a load of fun. The class of 8 children who attended the previous session found that they learnt not only a new language but they had a great time doing so!

 Learning Sign Language allows you to acquire new skills and expand our communications repertoire… you can communicate across the room quietly and elegantly, through your car window, over a noisy environment and others.

 We also conduct this class foremost, to help our children, to expose them to a different functional language and to share the world of the Deaf that live amongst us. This programme also aims to create the awareness that they can communicate with their Deaf friends in schools or community by the mere use of sign language; bridging communities and fostering friendship, common understanding and growth.

 The current class offered are for children aged 8-17 years. Fees charged at RM50 per pax. There are 4 sessions to this programme, on every Saturday afternoon, from 3:00 – 5:00pm in the month of March (starting 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th ) at the Taman Desa Resident Association Clubhouse. The educator for the programme is Mrs Qistina Low, a Deaf person.  She wonderfully infuses learning of the vocabulary of the sign language with lots of interactive games leaving her students fully perk up and smiling after every session.

 Join us in learning the basic Sign Language and have lots of fun doing it. Register a child today, email me or drop me a comment.


Adults interested to learn can also register. When we have sufficient participants, we will conduct a class.

Fun Learning with Sign Language class teaches the use of our Malaysian Sign Language.

 Thanks! Have a great week ahead.

358 You’re in my thoughts

I just finished this one.. yeahhhhh… seven brand new cards this week, thanks to the 365 cards challenge.

For this one, yes, another new dice has been used ( Sizzix Decorative Accents #5), ribbons, buttons and rhinestones on the buttons, ah yes, a crown brad that I had just gotten from making memories for the finishing touch. Almost forgotten, stitching this card, still learning to control the pedal and the straight line :p. Its not perfect but its the warm thoughts that counts.

This is for you my friend out there, that you are indeed in my thoughts today. 🙂 Have a good day dear.

HC 10010 You're in my thoughts

Another Card Challenge 357 – a Cutie one

This is the first time I am using this new Hero Arts stamp, and I love the pretty girl with flowers. Great for kids birthday card. I enjoy crafting as usual and I am so glad to participate in 365 cards challenge, as it allows me to start using most of my still virgin stamps (yeah, yeah.. I bought far too many lol), punches and stuff and at the same time, I have felt my creativity have grown by leaps and bounds. 🙂

I have used Hero Arts stamp, Martha Stewart puncher, patterned paper and first try embossing sentiment on ribbon.

Cheers! 🙂

BC 10008 Happy Birthday Girl