Wishing You a Prosperous Chinese New Year

Handwritten Chinese Calligraphy wishes -Wishing All that you do is upto your satisfaction/good

Hi world, I am AnnieLing, another living person living in this vast planet and this my first actual blog. Feeling kinda excited, yet so many things to learn about blogging and the same time, so many things to share.

Why do I start blogging… well, just to really know and experience what blogging is all about and share a bit about myself.. for a start .. crafty side of myself.. for I want to join the cards challenges there are on blogs.. and they require me to have  a blog to share my work.

So I hope to be in touch with all of you as often as I can, to learn and give away bits and pieces of my experiences, thoughts, feelings.. just to share me as I am. I think it can be a growing experience for me as well..

Today, I am back home in my almost a beach town in Sitiawan, state of Perak, Malaysia. Back for family reunion to celebrate the usher in of the year of Tiger with family. It is also a time of get-together, merriment and sharing. For a chinese family, this is almost mandatory. We take time to appreciate and relive our traditions of honouring the elderly in the family, and the elders in turn gives angpow or the red packets to the young unmarried ones. Though married, my parents and grandparents, still do pamper me with angpows as gestures of love and family bond.

We are Foochows, a clan of the Chinese community, that speaks rather strangely, as according to the other chinese :). We have our own food delicacies that differs slightly from others.

Before the CNY, house is cleaned, and decorations of invitation of prosperity, luck and happiness into homes are put up, at the door ways, the rice urns ( calligraphy words of fullness), etc. At the stroke of midnight, bangs of fireworks exploding in the sky is deem auspicious, the louder, the better, :),in ushering in the New Year with vigour and hope.

On the first day of the New Year morning, Feb 14th, Sunday morning. Mum prepares a basket of boiled eggs, and a special dish of the longevity noodles (a single handmade strand of noodles, softened in boiled water) with its red rice wine chicken soup. Red rice wine, are home prepared cooking wine from red and white glutinous rice, popular within the Foochow community, kicking start the new year morning in ushering in abundance, longevity, prosperity. 

The rest of the day, we will visit our grandparents, to send and greet new year wishes, always with the positive and joyous note of better things to come.

Today, I will be heading back to Kuala Lumpur where I reside, praying that the rest of the Malaysians are not doing the same, for the exodus of travellers, makes the travelling tedious with long traffic jams back into the city.

Till then.. hoping to share and learn more. Drop in your comments and feedback or questions…

Jumpa lagi ( Malay language, till we meet again)




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