Happy Birthday to You

This Day 4 White Space challenge.

For this challenge, I went with nature colour, choosing light green as my base. For the pattern at the base of the card, I had chosen a line colour pattern to match with the flowers that I was going to place on the cards. I had used Martha Stewart border punchand highlited it gold stitch line, and used a really cute ribbon that I bought recently and topping it off with a small bee.

I stamped a Happy Birthday sentiment, and layered it and finished it with flowerful nature.. flowers and butterfly and gems.

Happy Birthday Sweet

This morning, I had news that my grandma is not well, and had been hospitalised back in my hometown. She is 90 this year. They are still running some test and we are awaiting result. I am so worried about her. I hope she recover soon, and I  will be travelling back with my hubby tonight to see her. I pray and hope she recovers well as she always does. Hang in there grandma.. I love you. You will be ok. God be with her and heal her. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to You

  1. oh dear, hope your grandma is OK….
    nice card by the way. It’s Capt Caveman’s birthday soon, wonder if you would consider a private commission?

  2. hi… sorry for the long absence .. grandma is alright.. she recovered very well. She had liver and chest infection. Being discharged today.. thanks.
    sure.. private commission.. what do u have in mind?

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