Song Inspired

Day 9 Song Inspired – What a Wonderful World

Song Inspired

It took me the longest time to make this card because I have seen so many gorgeous cards posted for this challenge. Wonderful challenge Pam and team. I had to make one, I finally decided!

I wanted to do rainbows, because I love the colours, and roses and blue sky and everything…

So, I finally decided on rainbow, but instead of the normal colored or paper cutouts, I decided to use wools. Wools of the different colours and textures (yes, I checked for the right colours 🙂 ) that I have recently bought… in bundles, bundles and heaps of it (what was I thinking.. ?! – oh yeah, it started with my grand idea of crochet flowers). So the rainbow and the sun are woolen :). I love green, the song inspires beauty and serenity.. green was the colour I had chosen and neutral brown.

I love this card.. coz as I was making, I think life is wonderful with family and friends. Life is how it should be!…

Good morning world (236am now in Kuala Lumpur)…. cheers!


4 thoughts on “Song Inspired

  1. hey Annie!

    glad that you made a comment on my card! Happy to know that you’re from KL too!

    It’s fun to take part in card challenges, you make many beautiful cards! 🙂
    I took a break from card making last month, missing the card challenges now..will get back to my card making soon.

    Mind if we exchange blog link?

    Thanks Annie!

    Evelyn C

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