Come on and Celebrate

Day20 Let’s Make Some Noise

The header of my post reminds me of a church song that I used to sing… a joyful song of celebration!

This is a shaker card challenge and I had to make my first shaker card!… I thought hard about this challenge, scratching my head on what to use for this challenge.. I thought I had nice colourful beads but gave up searching for them after an hour.. so I settled for sequines of gold stars, purple squares and red flowers. And they were the celebratory type images.

I had used swirls from live it up on a plain card, and was thinking how to dress them up, and ended doodling and drawing them around… I used coordinating ribbons, flowers and buttons to finish off the card. It was really fun making this :).

Quite unexpected, but do love the swirly and energetic feel of the card. Come on and celebrate, this gift of love, we will celebrate…!

celebrate (close up)

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