Life Is Wonderful

Life is Wonderful

Day 22 Movie Monday – Alice in the Wonderland…

Life is Wonderful, isnt it, if we live it well. And I think, the fact is that I have the time to enjoy crafting is that I am living my life well at this moment. To have the time for my love of crafting has really been fulfilling… 🙂 and whats more to take up blogging, and meet crafters throughout the world from card blogging has been an amazing ride 🙂

This week take on Movie, has transported to the land where life is really wonderful, and a hint of Alice in the Wonderland.. full of roses, roses and the play cards.. hidden between the roses. The roses stamps were just given to me by my friend who is also an avid crafter from Australia.. Thank you Natalie… 🙂 the roses are beautiful..

I love it the outlook of the finished card… a reminder that Life is Wonderful, when you have friends who shares your love for crafting :).


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