1 of a Kind

Day 27 I’m touched

This must be my quickest project and I did all 7…. yeah! For this challenge.. I had a hard time thinking out of the box after I saw the beautiful flower by Heidi.. gorgeous work. I just had to work with what I have… and I have..

tonnes of wools that I bought two weeks ago. I began sifting thru them, looking all the various colours and textures… that i finally selected 8 different yarns… and tie them together.. chose my background, black punched paper by Martha Stewart..and colour stripes to complement.ooo … did u see the gorgeous fence border punch by Martha Stewart… I thought it would go well with what I was thinking..

I tied the ribbon, it has the messy cute look, loop over my velvet shocking pink flower (cuttlebug die) and but a diamond pin across.. all touched 🙂 and of course, one of a kind special You!..

One of A Kind


a closer look where all the elements touched.. 🙂

I'm touched...

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