Hang in there

Day 28 A Certain Sentiment

For today’s challenge, I was feeling a little down with certain situation in my current phase of life.. I thought about what I wanted to make… but finally just decided to not to think too much.. that I should have fun and instead of getting all too serious. Like Debbie, what the heck.. I will send this to myself..   as a reminder sometimes in life.. I take things too seriously… and all the stress might very well originate from me :p. It time to let my hair down and play.. and for this challenge.. that was what I did!

I had used Penny Black stamps.. I love the stamps I have used because.. they are fun, they do poke fun about life in a way.. whatever you are going through, things will be alright, dont take myself too seriously, dont be silly, the sun is out there.. the grass is green and flowers are everywhere.. Do not focus on too much balancing.. just go with the flow, if I fall, fall on the grass where the flowers grow!! :p 😀

Yeap, it turn out to be a simple but fun project. Hope you enjoy this too, so whatever it is, hang in there, it will soon pass.. have a sunny week ahead!

Hang In There

10 thoughts on “Hang in there

  1. hi annie, nice card. You could probably put all the birds on a line …and have one hanging upside down.

    your colour tones are very calm….

    keep it up.

  2. I love your sky !! Did you use a brayering technique ?
    The chickies too are so darned cute. Super job on this one!
    Chin up girlfriend – feel well soon, ok ?

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