Hey Beautiful!

Day 33 Whip Stitch It , Ebtks 12 – String

Whoa… this has been a challenge alright! We have to whip stitch 3 sides of a card, and I ended doing more than that! I couldnt resist but stitched a flower too.. :). This card is also posted for the EBTKS challenge 12 – String. 🙂

I had used kraft base, whip stitch it with a string. I had then stamp a Hero Arts flower stamp (1st time) and decided that I would stitch the flower and the leaves. I finished it off with a flower and button and a butterfly flying towards the flower. The stitching took me the longest time :p.

Why did i stamp Beautiful.. because, at the moment of stitching, I thought the flower is beautiful and I decided at that moment to use the sentiment. Beautiful, because sometimes, we take simple things for granted, and did not have the time, or effort just to step back and appreciate what is. That all things are made beautiful, including each and everyone of us.

I just got news that my mum has been hospitalised with heart problem at my hometown. I am leaving to visit her tomorrow morning. I am worried but know that she will be fine.

Blessed Easter everyone! Have a BEAUTIFUL and BLESSED weekend ahead!


for a closer look at the stitching..

Beautiful flower

4 thoughts on “Hey Beautiful!

  1. Hi Annie ! I have to commend you on this card – this is too tough of a challenge for me. I would end up running and screaming down the block ! Great job !!
    I couldn’t see your email address right off, so here is what the little award is about. Just copy and paste it into your next post, and answer on your post 10 things that make you happy, 5 things interesting about you ! You can pass it along, or not, whatever. I am new to blogging too – just since 2/16/10, but I am having a blast !!

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