Hey friend

I decided to take a break from card challenges and do something for my friends instead. After all, I did take up crafting to make cards for family and loved ones,… coz.. at the moment,… I still sometimes struggles with card challenges, and personal card to friends are a little more freestyle and relaxing..:p

I have decided to make a card for a friend whom I met during a PRH session in Malacca two years back, and we have been keeping in contact loosely since. She has moved base from Hong Kong to US and now in Taiwan. So I was excited to hear from her after Chinese New Year and managed to get her address.. So this card goes out to her.. sorry dear.. quite an overdue one! Miss you too……

For this card, I was excited, coz.. I have just receive the Look Up set from Practicing Creativity for the petals and the flower piecing design is inspired by Cindy who does gorgeous work. Thank you dear. I added some other personal touches to it to make it a little more me 🙂

Hey Friend

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