Pick A Wish

Day 37 Taggies

I am behind in card making this week, I think needing a break from creating.. is there such a thing, so that I renew and rejuvenate so that new mojo may flow again. This challenge took me the longest time, I have been sitting on it.. finally today, after I received my new stamps from Practising Creativity.. I felt motivated again to get my creativity engine running again.

I wanted to do something simple, many things/styles that I love from crafters creating simple, yet beautiful cards that are bright and fun. So for this challenge, I decided that I would give this a go..

Base striking light blue, created an envelope of “Pick A Wish” to insert the wishes taggies ( I thought this would be a teaser fun, kinda lucky draw wish), 2 ribbons and sentiment banner to finish off.. You can see one the taggy wishes .. ” Holiday to Bali”..

As for myself, at this point I have many wishes for my life.. but I wish it was that easy…   but for a birthday card.. this is a  piece of cake ! 🙂

Pick A Wish

for a closer look at one of the prize taggies

Pick a Wish - Holiday to Bali 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pick A Wish

  1. What a brilliant use of ‘taggies’. Your card is gorgeous and very unique! Thanx for playing at 365 Cards.

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