Hey Friend

Day 46 White Space

White Space 4-15

 These white space challenges are very interesting and tough :). But it allows me think to think out of the box on how I may address the challenges. It also trains me to look how at I can really simply design.

For this one, I started with another design in mind, but got me nowhere. Slept on it literally.. then an idea came when I woke up.. and within 15 mins .. the card is ready. Easy, isnt it, if I dont overthink. Fastest card I ever made! 🙂
Hey Friend

7 thoughts on “Hey Friend

  1. Oh Annie, I know, I do the same thing, overthink the most simple of designs ! I couldn’t see the picture of it while I was reading your notes, and was I surprised when I saw it ! The ribbon is wonderful! But the important thing is that you really fulfilled every part of that challenge – good job girlfriend !!

  2. hey annie,

    nice card there! love the ribbons and the way u decorate on it. Hmm…i recommended u to a few of my customers while I was on my vacation. Hehe! I haven’t been able to take part in card challenges yet. Still working on some mother’s day cards… 🙂
    Catch up with u soon~

    – evelyn

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