“Complete-st” Card as yet…

Day 53 Front, Back, Everything in Between – 365cards 

Well, this has been an interesting challenge, to fill up the card with corresponding elements from the front cover, both insides and the back. Thank goodness for my collection of stamps.. :p. This is a first for me :D.

Well, I found that I had the Three Fern stamp from Hero Arts with a corresponding miniature stamp. So, I stamped ‘Three Fern” on a white card, tied a ribbon, a sentiment, glittered the fern leaves and two butterflies hovering over it. This is laced by the maroon paper, that corresponded with the base flowered green patterned paper. 

On the inside, I had use similar motifs of butterfly to lace the inside 1 and as for the Inside2, stamped a sentiment and stamped the miniature fern leaves to start and end the sentiment, dressed with blings. 

At the back of the card, again, the miniature fern leaves followed by my signature stamp! 

I do quite enjoy this challenge, though, thinking through the whole card was tiny weeny bit more challenging.. Ok.. time to bed, 1:57am here………… Nighty nite world. Hugs…… 

Friends Always_ Front Inside 1 - a row of butterflies






8 thoughts on ““Complete-st” Card as yet…

  1. The little butterflies inside absolutely make this card – you tied that all in so nicely ! Plus, GLITTER, what is not to like about that ?!!!!

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