More Mother’s Day card :)

Cardabilities Sketch #2
Mother's Day
Day 67 Love, Leaf, Lace Cardabilities Sketch 2, CCEE Stampers

Ok.. I am on the roll for Mother’s Day cards.. this is probably my 10th card :). I thought the challenge today so best suited for another Mother’s Day card and I had combined the elements with Cardabilities gorgeous Sketch #2 to make this card.

I had used a multicoloured polka dot base, and another patterned card over. I had used a lace to line the paper and tied a bow and I had put a ribbon brad over the bow. The frame is from spellbinder, and cut out flowers from patterned paper. I had used again this newly acquired heart stamp (i heart this heart) and cut out leaves from cricut (good gal, keep using your cricut now :p) and distressed them.

I had enjoyed very much my Mother’s Day creations, the process and the output! ๐Ÿ™‚ More cards to go before this Sun..


9 thoughts on “More Mother’s Day card :)

  1. Hi Annie ! Your leaves look so good, they look real. What a great idea to distress them after using the Cricut (OOOO I wish I had one.) Is the “mother’s day” a stamp ? Great job, as always, my friend, have a great day !!!

  2. thanks Jan for always been so supportive by leaving beautiful comments. Yes, the Mother’s Day sentiment is a stamp.. but I cant remember the co name, but I got them from Aust.. it comes in a block of various sentiment rubber stamps, I just cut them off, and adhere it to the acrylic block. It has a similar one for Father’s Day..

  3. Love the flower, distressing and sweet heart!! Thanks so much for joining us in our CCEE challenge this week!!

  4. I looked earlier this week. This card is beautiful! I hope you save all your Mother’s Day cards for next year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. AWWWW, this is so sweet! That reminds me, I havent sent my mom her mother’s day card yet! AGK!! LOL! Glad you enjoyed the Cardabilities sketch! Check back tomorrow for #3! It’s another good one!! Nicole

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