Bundles of Joy

Bundles of Joy
Bundles of Joy
CCE Stampers

I had a little trouble this morning with my car :(, and I was suppose to travel to my hometown to visit my parents for a belated Mother’s Day celebration. So, we had to send the car for repair and found that the battery has kaput. Since, I have an appointment tomorrow evening, we had to cancel the trip due time constraints. All decided, we will make the trip early June to do a parent’s day celebration instead.

Then, since I am in town, my neighbour had a baby shower for her grandchildren, twins. She had called me earlier this week, I must be in a daze, because, I thought I heard twin boys…

So, I went to make a quickie baby card in record time, 15 mins a card for twin boys.. blue.. and to my horror, when I called her, she told me.. baby girls.. hmm… I quickly redo another baby girls card in pink also in record time lol. I had used my new pti (mega mixed) bundle of joy.. with an added ‘s’ since its twins!. I had used the abc patterned paper for this. Such a sweet patterned paper.

Both are simple cards, because its such a rush work.. I hope she like it.. cheers!


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