Happy Birthday (OCCSC 16)

Happy Birthday
Cant believe that it is Thursday already!… weekend is coming soon. I saw OCCS fabbie sketch and I wanted to play.

I had used this beautiful cardstock by my crafty friend, Natalie from Australia. We had so much fun, everytime she is up in Kuala Lumpur, coz all we do is just go craft shopping. Its fun to shop craft with a friend. She keeps me a good gal though.. coz my heart and pocket is jelly, when I see all those gorgeous stuff. This is one of the beautiful paper that she sends me. Thanks Natalie.. missing you.. hugs.. wish you are nearer too, so we can craft together!

Cardstock : from Natalie 🙂
Flower : moof ( misted with Rangers red )
Punches : Friskars
Pink String : Denso, a RM5 hypermart
Blings : Kaiser


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday (OCCSC 16)

  1. What a cool color combo – it looks so refreshing ! Pretty pretty pretty !!!

    Wish I had a friend who would craft shop… None of them do crafts at all, well one is an oil artist but that doesn’t count since you don’t use paper or embellies … However, think of this – the up side to having friends who don’t do crafts is that they think you are completely amazing and talented and gifted. My bff said to me “oh you must win ALL the challenges” lol lol lol

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