Let’s Get Together

Day 95 Its So You, Clean n Simple FTL 92

Hi all:)…. its a so me card today.. hmm… a reflection of me at the moment?.. what my friends sees in me?..well, many would say… that I am a darn lucky gal, with no need to work and can craft all the time.. as to some of friends, I am a lady of leisure and comfort.. tea anyone ? 😀

I had decided to take out my pti and play and this is my first on my couch outing… and I love it. I had chosen a homely theme for the card, and a soothing green and gingham background (must be the influence of days spent with nature). I had used a pretty sketch from Clean n Simple for this!

Its simple but I love the look of it.. homely comfort and hot tea/coffee/chocolate or pick of the day! :).. Let’s get together.. just give me a call 😀

Lets Get together

7 thoughts on “Let’s Get Together

  1. This is so welcoming ! I would love to drop in for a chai tea, or some kona coffee ?? It makes me think of my wonderful friends, and curling up for an afternoon of goodies and gossip… Some laughter and some tears too.

  2. Fabulous card!!!
    In regards to your question… I was born in Indonesia and grew up there. I still speak Indonesian with no accent but my mom said my vocabulary is terrible. I don’t use it at all here and so I have broken Indonesian… I pause a lot when I speak to think of the word I want to use:P So I speak IndoLish 😛 When I visit it gets better with time 🙂

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