Where time stood still…A trip to Kenyir Lake …

Hi all 😀

Today, I am going to stray away from card posting but post about my recent hols with hubby.. It was a long weekend, Wesak Day (buddhist celebration) holiday on Friday.

Hubby and me, Kenyir Lake May 2010

We had made a trip to Kenyir Lake. It is located approximately 55 km from Kuala Terengganu, the Kenyir Lake is reputed to be one of the largest and most fascinating man-made lake in the world. Covering an area of 369 sq km, it is also Malaysia’s largest rock-filled hydroelectric dam.

A group of 10 adults and a child, we chartered a boathouse for 3 days 2 nights for about USD1000. The houseboat is very basic and comes with a patio, dining hall, kitchen, common bathroom and washroom and a large hall upstairs to bunk. Its really very basic and back to nature kinda of holiday, but boy did we have a good time. Initially some getting used too.. because I am so spoiled for comfort lol..

our home 🙂 for the duration of Kenyir Lake trip

It was a 7 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur to the jetty, and we brought supplies for the trip as we are able to cook in the makeshift kitchen. We brought plenty of clean and fresh water for drinking and cooking. We started early on the boat, and it took a five hours ride before we stop to anchor for the day. We went by boat to a river bank to play with fishes.. we had fish spa.. those 2-5cm fishes that comes and nibble at your feet for free :). its a tingling sensation because what they do is nibble away your dead skin cells.. and wah la, you have your pedicure done for you :). Fish spa is growing in popularity in Asia for beauty treatments for your hands and legs, though some are known for spa on the face as well.

The second day, our boathouse started its journey 630am and for those of us who woke up early.. this is such a treat. We are able to sit around the boathouse and enjoy the view and scenery before the sun was up. The islands within the lakes were misty, reflecting a silhouette of trees, stumps, hills. Its gorgeous. One thing to note is that you feel so at peace, cos time literally stop for us. The sight of the beautiful scenery and the leisure of enjoying nature in such a way is truly a blessing.

the view of the Kenyir lake at 7am, misty gorgeous!!

PM.. after our lunch.. we docked near Ketengah centre and to a motorboat inland bound, and hiked about 40 minutes along the river by the primary forest. We were going into Lubuk Kelar (Lubuk – deep pool of water by the river and Kelar is a kind of fish). We jumped into the pool (they have ropes attached for those who wants to swim with the fish but still needed something to hang on for their dear life (perfect for me) and we swam with the fishes.. hundreds of them (6-18inches in length), teasing you and tugging you. We had earlier bought some fish food from centre and when you throw the food at them, be ready to be swarmed by the fish.. what a delightful treat. We are not allowed to catch the fish home… though they are quite a prize to catch. We are just allowed to play with them, and they play back too :D.

Finally, the boat sailed again and docked near the Lasir Waterfall, just a 10 minutes hike to the waterfall, gorgeous cool waters running through. The guys did fishing all day long from the boat.. wherever and whenever we are docked.

Lasir Waterfall, gorgeous cool waters

Overall, it was really fabbie weekend with the nature. The lake was very calm, waters are clear, you can see clearly the fishes inside and the scenery is gorgeous. I only managed to see a beaver alongside the river, beautiful butterflies of different colours and sizes, a monitor lizard, footprints of a tiger (sighted by my friends), but plenty of flora and fauna to captivate and feast the eyes. Everything is also larger there, especially the humongous ants I saw.. and spiders (eek .. hate spiders) ……. Well, in between.. I did a bit of crochet.. trying to read the patterns, pick and unpick, try and try again lol, by the boathouse… :). Last, but not least.. to our wonderful new friends we made along the trip.. to Nicholas – master planner, coordinator and an avid nature lover, Tho and Ethan – master planner and sidekick, Liyan – who made all the delicious meal, Lily – fiesty and fun loving excellent fish catcher(by hand), Karen, super sweet cool gal, Andreja – our Serbian star friend, Bakhtia and Fini, our gorgeous fun couple, it was a great trip … hugs..

I would love to wish for our government to do more, have a proper structured research into our primary forest, all the different species of flora, fauna & creatures and have meaningful information available to us and to other tourists that may frequent the place. I thought Kenyir Lake, is yet another treasure of Malaysia, however, not fully explored in its conservation, research and  tourism capacity.

okie dokie.. thats all for now.. i have some pic posted here but do have some more at my fb… will upload to flicker too..  Have a good day everyone 😀

8 thoughts on “Where time stood still…A trip to Kenyir Lake …

  1. wow! those pics look really attractive. You and your husband look good together 🙂
    and thanks for the lovely card, we got it at the end of last week!

  2. woooaah!! it seems u did have a good vacation 🙂

    Loved the pics!! well I would also plan to visit Malaysia soon…and visit the lake for the free pedicure 😀

  3. Hi, finally I see you, lovely photos and it seems you had a fantastic holiday!!! I love these type of holidays, not the usual touristy ones. Thanks for sharing .. Hugs xxx

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