My Lil Dancers

Day 91 Super Sketchy Sunday, City Crafter – Bows and Buttons

Hei there :D, yeah, this post is kinda late cos it took me forever to think about what to do for the sketch. I realised two days ago, I had this gorgeously cutsie stamp that I had gotten from Australia last year, and I had not played it yet. So its out today.. the three little pretty ballerinas by K. Jordinson. This is for 365cards and City Crafter challenges.

I spend a little bit more time today on this card, dont why, partly because they are so cute and I really wanted to make a cute card. So I had used Sarafarass paper ( I think – I dont have the names on paper) of colourful music background, which I thought is perfect for this dancing girls. I color in with copic markers adhere it with button brads. I double bow the peach satin ribbons and ended it with scallops edges & blings.

I thought it looked cute and perfect all occasion card for any gal!

My lil ballerinas

15 thoughts on “My Lil Dancers

  1. Cute card! Thanks for the comment on my blog….I changed the settings so Malaysia is allowed on the DeNami Design website. 🙂 Enjoy the templates!

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