A time with Family – Celebrating Father’s Day

Happy Sunday all :D… I am doing a special post today.. for my dad.

My hubby and I travelled to my hometown this weekend to celebrate Father’s Day and birthday at the same time. My hometown, Sitiawan (Manjung District), is about 3 hours drive out of Kuala Lumpur. Its a rather small town but over the last 8 years have grown tremendously. Today, the district houses a Malaysian Royal Naval Base, a growing port activities, tourism and growing industrial activities. Its almost a beach town, with three beaches (Lumut, Teluk Batik and Teluk Rubiah – teluk for bay…  within 15 mins drive from its township. and islands (Pangkor island, Pangkor Laut) that are half hour boat ride from Lumut.

Back to my dad, Dominic Ling… Dad, and my grandparents were immigrants from China and he landed in Malaya in 1950s after the World War Two. They received citizenship with Malaysia Independence in 1957. So we, the kids, are the first generation Malaysian :).

My father has been an amazing person. He is known for his kindness and his love for simple things in life. He always has an open outlook of life. I always think of him as a very smart person, though he has never studied secondary school. A man of few words, he was always very strict with us when we were small, and he loves mathematics. He used to teach mathematics ( not my favourite lol) and we would always play this game with him. We just need to take a date from any year and he would be able to tell us what day it is within the minute. He was quite fun to play numeric games with… in a sense I always feel he is a genius in numbers :D. As a child, he always would give a treat occasionally sticks of satay… ooo my favourite 😀

He did go through ups and downs in his life and took up book keeping and accounting when he was in his early forties and pick up typewriting in his fifties. He was an avid chinese chess player and his “khakis” (chess companions) were always from the Foochow Association. He did become rather famous for his accounting work in Sitiawan.

Today, he is no longer working, but still does do accounts especially during the income tax submission months. He is no longer able to walk properly and is generally homebound, but he is always generally high spirited. He continues to help my mum in the market. The social interaction in the market place has been wonderful for him.

We celebrate his 70th birthday today and Father’s Day within the family. We had steamed fish head, Bak Kut Teh ( pork stewed in chinese herbs and pork in dark soy sauce and vegetables. We had a little fruit cake at home. He loved the card I made for him. All of us took time to write personal messages in the card. This card I made using Practising Creativity, You’re the Man set. I love this set, it makes making masculine card easy peasy :). We Love You Dad, though it is still not common for us to hug ( not happening in Asian families here) or even the utterance of filial love is not really a practise. We simply just show it by organising dinners/luncheon and cakes and family gatherings.

Overall, it has been a wonderful day, just catching up. Coz.. as age catches on, my parents health require more attention and support. We need to be more attentive to their complaints of discomfort, to ensure that they receive adequate medical attention in a timely manner. My parents stay with my youngest bro who is a teacher Paul ( you know, the one that got me lots for craft stuff from Thailand 🙂 ). He has been a real gem in taking care of my parents. My love and thanks to you Paul ( hope you are reading this brother! 😀

Here I share some pics of the day! 🙂

celebrating father's day, in pic with my mum, Paul, hubby Bashker, Francis, Kiew Chai and Samuel

Dad with card that I made for him, cake and mango 🙂 ... he is rather camera shy
steamed fish head, with lots of ginger, onion and soy sauce. Fresh and nice 🙂 at a local restaurant
Love you Dad card I made (close up)

6 thoughts on “A time with Family – Celebrating Father’s Day

  1. Ow what a sweet comment you left me on my blog, how nice of you, thanks and such lovely words you have for your dad here. Love your photos of you and your family and your card is really beautiful. My dad unfortunately is no longer with us, but I still think of him especially on these days… xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing your family gathering with us Annie! Your Dad sounds most fabulous:)

    Great job on your Dad’s card…wonderfully masculine!

  3. Hi Annie,

    very nice card for your dad! You have a wonderful family back in Sitiawan. I’ve been there once last 2 years. It was a nice place to visit! Nice story from you too. Have you thought of writing to reader’s digest and get them published….hehehe! Thanks for sharing Annie! Hope you have a great time back in hometown!

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