Teluk Rubiah – A Beach Lost

This posting shares my greatest disappointment of my trip back home to Sitiawan. This is because, we are losing a gorgeous beach to an steel iron factory!! This is a personal sharing… from my experience and relating to certain individual.

A bit about this beach. Teluk Rubiah (Rubiah Bay) is a 15mins drive from Sitiawan. For the locals, most of us go to Teluk Batik (Batik Bay) for a swim and picnic when we were kids… but nearby Teluk Batik was another gorgeous beach, more beautiful than Teluk Batik but rather uninhibited and used, because you would need to hike over a small hill to go over to Teluk Rubiah. During school days, a few of us went over the a rough terrain by motorbikes  to the beach. When we came back I almost fell into the ravine…. but luckily didnt, but I did burn my leg with the smoking hot ekzo pipes. So I do have a special memories of the place lol.. It was beautiful, untouched and hidden away beach.. for the lack of access.  

Then it was bought over and they build the Teluk Rubiah Golf & Country Resort. It is no longer a public property. I remember feeling dissappointed years ago when this happened. Over the years, the resort has been poorly maintained :(. But to my dismay, when I went there last weekend, I was told by the reception, the resort is shutting down, the entire place is bought over by a Brazilian company who will be building a steel/iron factory there.. what!!!  Beach replaced by an iron factory????

I went by the beach again yesterday and took a few photos so that I can share this place as it is now. I felt sad, that this is a sad thing to be happening to Sitiawan folks… and Manjung district… to lose such a beautiful and gorgeous beach. The beach is within 20 meters from its current chalets. I would miss staying at the chalets and waking up to the sounds of the waves hitting the beach..

Some pics of Teluk Rubiah and resort…

Teluk Batik Beach and Golf Resort
Nice wooden chalets by the beach
view of the beach from chalets
Teluk Rubiah

6 thoughts on “Teluk Rubiah – A Beach Lost

  1. oh my gosh..I can’t believe this, is it true annie that this place has been bought over by a brazilian to make way for a steel factory…what happen to the state government, seems they are not doing their job very well for losing this kind of view and place just for making way for a factory to be build here..think about the eco-system that will be destroyed. heard the MB of Perak originated fm Pulau Pangkor..then he should know his place very well..what a waste of god given place to a bunch of business tycoon that knows how to make money but forgot to preserve the nature….

  2. greedy people, never prepare for their children, they just want to enjoy the profit today…their children, find ur own land, and sell it!

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