Celebrate Today

Hei all, :D.. I do hope you have had a great week so far.. :). Mine has been topsy turvy.. haha.. Too many new things in my life.

For a long time, not so much excitement. But this week, I have gotten my new multi focal glasses.. boy .. did my world kinda spin.. nausea for the first two days trying to get used to it.. its improving but I am hanging in there…

And then I started my hormone therapy for my imbalance hormones. Hormonal problems can totally alter your world! lol. When I went back to hometown, I met a specialist doctor who had recently started to specialises hormone treatment for herself, and she was the one who saved me from adrenal failure about 4 years ago, when she told me to go for cortisol check. So, I am glad I found her again, I have decided to go on a hormone therapy under her supervision to normalise my world:p… so lets just wait and see. I think in a meantime, I just enjoy crafting and go easy on my work.

So today, I am back at 365cards and Practical Scrappers .. flowers (PS) and  a Tuesday triplets (365 cards).. buttons, blossoms, bows and brads. I had used gorgeous OA polka dot background, yellow bright :). And I am back with favourite twine tresses cum bows ties for the stems, MS punched out flowers with buttons, grass, and corrugated piece (1st time and loving the feel to it) that I piece it together with brads and finally a pti sentiment with my third flower brad.. to remind me to always “Celebrate my day and learn to love and live life in its gentleness and fullness”. Oh yea… I faux stitch with Uniball white. 🙂

Hey all.. remember to smile and celebrate today :). Thanks for stopping by. Thank you and Love all your wonderful comments. 🙂

Celebrate Today 🙂

14 thoughts on “Celebrate Today

  1. annie, I love your sweet card…the flowers are wonderful and so is your use of the twine…I’ve been experiencing tons of vision issues…darn old age..hang in there!!!

  2. Awww we women are so complicated aren’t we? !!! Me get terrible moods and I’m either very happy or very sad!! Doctor gave me some pills and I’m always forgetting to take them!!!! And your card is so nice Annie.. I love everything about it and that little corrugated band is so perfect .. love it xxx

  3. OMG…how adorable is this card!!!!!! If I had to pick out my favorite part………well it would be the WHOLE card!! LOVE IT!

    Thanks for playing along with us over at Practical Scrappers.

  4. Oh dear! I can relate to you on being sick. I have a very weak stomach and I have to be very careful of what I eat. I tried various medications though it helps when you take them but when you don’t it starts all over again. I hope your doctor can make you better again.

    Lovely card Annie! We certainly need a card like this to cheer up 🙂

  5. love this flower card you made…cheer you up. Glad you are fine with your eyes now. Yes, I agree that most importantly we are happy with what we are doing, and card-making really helps to ease my stress.
    Take care and happy crafting..

  6. Well sista… You are not the only one with all the inhormone balance! I have it as well. But mine is PCOS! Hope that you will get yours fixed up & I am busy getting mine fixed up too 🙂

    As always, you create pretty cards & you are awesome with flowers. Happy creating more!!

  7. Glad to hear you got the new glasses ! And the new meds too ! Hope you are feeling better really soon, you are always such a cheerful presence here, and we miss you when you are gone.

  8. What a beautiful card! Good luck with the hormone therapy. My doc was thinking I had a similar problem until we discovered it was cysts and now I’m on meds to shrink them.

  9. Very cute Annie and I hope you’re feeling better and seeing things well today 🙂 I wear glasses and if I need a new prescription I know because I get headaches more often.

    Have a nice weekend!!!

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