Wishing you well…

Wishing you well


I am making myself take out my stamps and play, especially those untouched. So over the next few weeks, esp before I start my full time job, I will try to play and use more of my goodies.. including cricut… thanks Jan.. everytime when I see your wonderful work, I think of my cricut 🙂 

Today, I have broken out two new things.. one the spellbinder Label 1 and pti vintage picnic set. I quite like this set.. coz I thought it is quite versatile in terms.. if I want to send wishes, flowers.. this set is quite a nice touch with some of the personal attachments :). 

Oh yeah.. check out my stitching.. lots more to improve. I have this gorgeous sewing machine that I have gotten 5 years ago with the aspiration of being a good homemaker, it is totally under utilised:p.. m trying to do more stitching… the stitching is kinda loose, not firm… any idea why.. I am trying to figure it out. Otherwise, it spoils the card. So more stitching too, now onwards! 

I hope you like this too.. Thanks always for stopping by my blog :D, leave me your footprints, so that I can hope over to visit you 🙂 

Card Recipe 

Cardstock : acidfree artpaper 

Patterned paper : Doodlebug design 

Stamp : pti vintage picnic 

Ink : Memories Black 

Label : Spellbinder 1 

Puncher : EK 

Ribbon : bookstore     Button : local button shop    Twine : pti


6 thoughts on “Wishing you well…

  1. Hi Annie, morning to you too…thanks for dropping by. Nice of you to share about new stamps. Gee, we are getting crazier with our cardmaking. Inspiring each other, are we?
    Glad you manage to break your Spellbinder die-cut package…Label 1..ah? Lovely basket with fruitties..on Sunday morning…reminds me to go to the morning market

  2. Whatta sweet card Annie….I have 4 sets of spellbinders that I have yet to use {hanging my head…}….soooo good for you for using the neglecteds…

  3. Well I am a stamp addict but not sure why I am not using them so often. LOL!! I love that picnic basket and also how you tie the bow. Very pretty!!

  4. This is great!! I think that set is cute!! I’m glad you’re using a lot of your unused stamps. I have a lot of them… esp. Stampin’ Up! ones since I used to be a demo. We’re spoiled… Americans… so easy access to these things and we just grab one here and another one there and just leave it sitting in the closet for months… or never touched. I do love all my stamps but goodness, there are always new ones and you just want to keep buying than using what you have… that might not be untouched or seldom used. Ahhh… so when does your job start? Enjoy your time before your new career!!

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