Happy Birthday

Oh my… its been almost a week since my last blog. I was a little dismay.. coz, this is my last full week of crafting but didnt get anything done till today.. I caught stomach flu last Thursday and it developed into a full blown chesty cough and I was literally croaking the last couple of days. This nasty flu I had gotten from my hubby… thanks for sharing dear :p. Only the last two days, I had felt much better and today I decided I will make a card when I went to collect my pti parcel :p.

This card is a bit of old and new stamps (both 1st timers) . I had followed loosely this Thursday sketch by 365cards. Gail, my fellow 365cards buddy, popped by and I felt so encouraged that I decided to play this challenge. Thanks Gail :D.

Just a simple card after the break…

Happy Birthday 🙂

I have missed you all.. thanks for dropping by :).

Card Recipe

Cardstock : Core Coordinations, acid free art paper

Stamp : Numbers – Rubbermoon (got this from Amy 🙂 ), pti just the ticket, hot air balloon (practicing creativity)

Label : pti dies

Punchers : EK Success, Friskars

Ribbon : local bakery,

Twine : pti

Button : stash


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Hi, yes.. I was wondering where you were.. I’m so sorry to hear you have been so unwell. Once in a while the bug has to visit us unfortunately 🙂 and this is a stunning card! I love the fresh look on your card.. it’s gorgeous xx

  2. So sorry to hear that you have been under the weather… and glad that you are now better or at least well enough to craft! 😉

    This card is lovely and looks really fun to make! 🙂

  3. Poor you Annie – it’s horrid to be ill. Glad you’re feeling better now and great to see you back crafting. Love your blue card with just those flashes of colour.

  4. You always get your cards just right ,I’m not sure if it’s the colours or the layout but it’s just lovely.Despite having 2 flu shots for the winter I’ve had 3 lousy days myself with a sore throat and runny nose.Feeling much better today and hope you are too. You have to be fit for Monday.


  5. I just don’t have a “blue gene” in me, cannot do blue at all, so this is really really lovely to me ! We all miss you when you are not here, hope you feel better soon. I had H1N1 last winter, I never ever get sick like that, so I can sympathize completely.

  6. Welcome back my friend! I was wondereing where have you been. I hope you are getting better now….sick is no fun at all. Ohh…I love today’s card! Love the blue and a pop of yellow. So fun!

  7. OH yeah, I was wondering whether you may be busy starting your new job, sorry so to hear your bad flu..anyway, you are back now with your crazy crafting. I had a terrible headache nearly the whole day, until i nearly got myself vomit. Luckily, my hudband just gave an assam boi, then my stomach start to be getting better. Then I slept for 2 hrs.
    Anyway, love your this card..I like the balloon. Where you get it from ?

  8. Don’t you just love your husband? They give you the nastiest sickness 😛 I hope you’re doing better today. Don’t want to be sick on your first day ya know!! I love the card, very fun and cute!

  9. Oh my, this card is way too much fun! I love the balloons incorporated in with the funky background, the ribbon and the twine! Love everything about it.

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