Flashback Friday 4.0

Christmas Trio Tags

Happy morning… I cant believe that I am already 8 mths into the blogging, its seems that I have been at it for such a long time now :). I started blogging during the Chinese Lunar New Year in Feb 2010, and this the first Christmas related project that I had posted on my blog and it was for the 365 cards challenge. Early start to Christmas.. haha! and got stalled till this month again huh!

I am super excited to participate in super bloggie friend Amy Tsuruta Flashback Friday 4.0 on sharing the first Christmas card posted. Yeap this is mine… I made the card/tags to be super friendly – hangable :D. Great way to display your friendship wishes on your Christmas tree right:). Do hop over to join in the fun and you have yummy sponsor Torendi for the flashback. ๐Ÿ™‚

OK peeps… gotta go n make some card now.. ciao. Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely footprints on my hommie. ๐Ÿ™‚


13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday 4.0

  1. Haha…so fun to read my own comment on your original post:) I have to tell you that making those tags tree friendly is genius!!! Thanks so much for playing Flashback Friday 4.0 Annie!!!!

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