Pink Masculine Card?

yeap.. that is the challenge at our LSS, Smidapaper. Hi peeps.. Happy day! Just to share a pink, red and brown  masculine card.

Can you spot the pink.. the background text is pink, car is pink, button is pink, and all around distress pink. Does this count for a pink masculine card.. you be the judge hahaha!.. But I sure had fun creating this piece though. A simple piece, started with the sentiment.. how true it is… I live in the suburb of Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia, and we are practically have to go through massive jams daily during peak hours.. non peak – traffic is growing steadily.. quite a stress driving in KL, I can tell you!

Ok, peeps – a very quick post, coz I am going to make coconut candy now for ex boss birthday gathering tonight. My colleague has been asking me to make them something when I was still working, but just couldnt muster the energy and time. Now that I have resigned, I can make something, irony aint it.. lol. I love my colleagues, they have been a wonderful bunch, though I have only worked there for about 2 mths, it feels like a long time, cos.. we all had a great working relationship..

Bye for now.. thanks for always dropping. Your comments always put a smile on my face and make my days brighter.. for that I truly treasure. Thanks so much .. hugs.. xxx


10 thoughts on “Pink Masculine Card?

  1. FABulous card Annie…soooo true about the sentiment…it takes me at least an hour each way to get to work and back home..grrr…coconut candy?! mmmmmm….take pics and recipe please?

  2. Great job! This is the perfect amount of pink red and brown! I used to live in London where you set aside a day to get across town, but now I live in the countryside and traffic jams are a novelty! Enjoy the party!

  3. This is funny and a perfect card for a male :))) .. I always find traffic while I’m going to work too but it seems you have more of it over there !!!

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