Born to be Free

Hi peeps.. its been a lazy week for me lol. Sleeping and napping like never before ha! I have tried to make some Christmas but no mojo came, here and there, but no completed cards till today! πŸ™‚

I was so thrilled to have met with all the KL bloggie friends and crafters at our LSS Papier Love, Members Day. I was truly thrilled to meet with Jessie, Sharm, Amelia, Β Shirl, Evelin, Janet K, Nini, Paylin, Cennic, Jessica, and so many more. Missing you Cindy :).. It was fun, warm, and some of us ended the day with coffee :). Most, I have met for the first time. So, it was really kinda exciting for me . I am still smiling :D.

Today, I am sharing with you a card that I finally completed, inspired by the works of Sharm and Evelin at Cardabilities pretty Sketch 14.. Β I love all the elements used today. I got to take out my stamps and play (Kaiser – birdcage, Wplus9 & Pti – damask birdie, PTI – leaves and those gorgeous prima blooms. The fabbie paper is from Mariposa (finally, I used this πŸ™‚ ). It has been really fun making this! πŸ˜€

This card is again dedicated to myself. I am going through transition of motivating myself to be free, to embrace a life that is more fulfilling (am workaholic by nature ha!) yet relaxing. Do you find it hard to relax.. I do find it difficult sometimes. I always feel my day is productive, if I have achieve a list of tasks for the day .. . :p… Old habits die hard.. hehehe

Happy Halloween all !!!!! πŸ™‚ hugs………. xxx


21 thoughts on “Born to be Free

  1. I LOVE this Annie…it’s true what Yvonne said, it’s a learned thing….I think that some peeps can relax and some just have to be moving all the time…I can nap anywhere…anytime….I think that ‘s just via sleep deprivation though…learn to relax and enjoy…..

  2. Hi Annie,
    I love the cage and the flowers. Like how you motivate yourself. Guess making cards and scrapping helps us to distress our self. I am also a workaholic. Most of the time, I will make a card for someone. Then, when I see them happy, I felt the joy too..

  3. Everything about this card is so breath-taking! Great take with the sketch – I especially loved how u used the birdcage! Thanks for joining us at cardabilities!
    Hugs, Stacy

  4. This is such a beautiful card. I love the colours, all the layered elements and most of all my favourite image of a bird outside a cage – the symbol of freedom. It’s a real skill to take pleasure in living Annie – enjoy!

  5. wonderful card Annie!!

    I am just like you are….I find it difficult to relax too!! Sometimes only when I am exhausted enough to even move myself, I am forced to rest πŸ˜€

  6. Hi Annie, so great to have finally met you! You’re really observant to have been able to pick me out from crowd! LOL I really wouldn’t have been able to tell who was who in such an overwhelming group of people! :))

    Hehe..I’m a queen of sleep myself…and yet when I have something on my mind to complete, sleeping is completely out of the question… my hubby has given up on me when it comes to that, LOL..

    I love this card, and especially how you perched that little bird on top of the label…:)

    Have a relaxing Monday!

  7. Oh Hi Annie…yes finally got to meet you guys…so wonderful long chat and chat non stop..and with this wonderful card, it is an absolute one inspiring, hey I have my itchy hands too, feel like wanna craft tonight though I have a terrible day in my stressed full time work…haha…see ya!

  8. Born to be free…I couldn’t agree more! Love the card!

    How I wish I could join! I can tell you gals had the best of time together! Ohhh….coffee! I’ll surely join you gals for coffee if I were there on that day!

  9. Annie, I love the background motif used for the card. There’s a touch of class to it. Love the roses too!! Purrty!! =)


  10. It was really fun to finally to chat with you!! You are a fun pack & glad that we could have a drink together too! That card is so pretty. Loving the birdcage, flowers… Basically everything!!

  11. Hey, Annie! It was great meeting you at Papier too! Wish I had joined you guys for coffee but I was worried about how MIL is handling my 2 imps. *grin*. Whoever that was who mentioned having another meet among us, I hope she arrange it soon!! YOu have a gurrreat weekend ahead !!! Happy Deepavali!!

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