hi peeps.. I had a great weekend back at my hometown the last couple of days.. but I did bring back some crafty stuff, not a lot, just some. My nephew had asked me cardmaking the last trip (i didnt bring anything home then) so I made it a point to bring some :). It was a long Diwali weekend here, so my nephew went for a trip to world largest man made Kenyir Lake that I had gone in August. We managed to squeeze in some time after lunch yesterday to make a couple of cards (3 actually :)). I will be sharing with you next couple of post :).

This is just a simple card I made, after miserably failed attempts at origami Christmas tree ha! with my nephew trying and watching me.. sorry dear!. So I was about to discard them, when I thought I try to put them together and I kinda like it. It follow loosely the Super Sketchy Sunday sketch :). I had wanted to post it yesterday but my camera battery went dead on me 😦 . I hope you like this.

Merry Christmas

This card is a warm up card with my nephew Samuel. We had a stamped basket scrap, he did all the stamping. I helped him with the bow tie. He adhered the button to the heart. He thought it looked like a basket of beers too.. hahaha!. I hope you like this. He has been pestering me to blog about this and post it on Facebook:).

I cant wait to play.. crafting with me nephew renewed my excitement in crafting again. Its just fun to craft with your loved ones.Thanks for dropping by. Laters!


12 thoughts on “Blooms

  1. So cool that you could rub off some of your craftiness to your nephew! :)) And I’m glad to hear u had a great weekend too… πŸ™‚

    Happy Monday Annie!

  2. They’re beautiful cards and I’m not surprised your nephew is proud of them! I agree with you, stamping with friends and family is the best fun.

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