Hi peeps.. Just wanna say thank you for your all kind thoughts and wishes for my father in law. His condition has not changed yet. Thank you :). I am so very touched by the camaraderie shared by us bloggers πŸ™‚

Today I am sharing a happy news. My goddaughter, Desiree is having a graduating ceremony as a qualified nurse. I remember holding her as a baby for baptism, 23 years ago in my arms ( I was very young then lol), I was shivering with sweat at holding a new born and taking up the role of a godma.. ( I am still very young hehehe). Β I am so very proud of her, the person that she has grown to be – strong, compassionate and kind.Β We will be having a post graduation celebration in the night, so all of us will be cooking up a dish or two :).

I made this card for her. I am not sure if it is overdone, a little too busy I think I have overthought it.. I started with something else, but kept on improvising it hehehe. Anyways.. its handmade from my heart, and I hope that she likes it. I got her a bouquet of african daisies… they are just lovely. πŸ™‚

Thanks always for dropping by and leaving such sweet comments. It warms my heart, sincerely thank you :).

Card Challenge : Mojo Monday – MOJO 164, flipped πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. A lovely card Annie! Congrats to Desiree too! :))

    I don’t know how I can miss your last post 😦 I hope your father in law’s condition will improve soon!

    Take care, hun…

  2. Handmade from the heart – you can NEVER go wrong with that, can you ! I love love the butterfly. Hope you are doing well, and your f-i-l too… HUGS !!!

  3. How fast they grow up! Your card is beautiful, particularly that punchy red flower and the bright green swirls against the more subtle colours of the background.

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