Home is Where the Heart Is :)

Hi peeps…… (Super Sketchy Sunday Day 273 )

I slept in late today.. it has been such a good rest after awhile. Feeling relax, hubby and I went out to a vegetarian (full.. not even eggs 🙂 ) restaurant. I had ordered a lovely garlic naan with palak paneer(ground spinach with cottage cheese.. oh yummy) and hubby ordered a more traditional dish.. yogurt rice. We are on a full vegetarian diet for a month as required by the Hindu rites with the passing of my father in law. It has rather unnerving for me, being vegetarian for the first time. I think I have even put on weight coz the need to replace meat with more carbo  :(. I do welcome the flavourful vegetarian dishes however, I still find it a challenge to be a pure vegetarian (which include using only culinary that are specifically used  for vege dishes only) and fussing  over every ingredient on the package… to be something not really my style. However, out of respect to the ritual and rites to my late father in law, 30 days it is! 🙂

Today I share with you a really simple card, based loosely on day 273 of 365cards. I am still half asleep hehehe. I love the webster pages for Christmas. I have done no stamping whatsoever.. just the basic cut and paste and a little inking, and stitching. Oh yeah love the MS snowflakes punch. But I so  Love the Santa on the hot air!  The sentiment is really light and hard to capture.. but I do so love this sentiment! and how true it is!

Have a good weekend! 🙂 Nighty nite!

This card has also been entered for ..

Simon Says Stamps Challenge – Let it Snow


16 thoughts on “Home is Where the Heart Is :)

  1. Oooh Annie…Your card is wonderful!! Love all the elements….

    vegetarian…more carbs? Hmmmm…maybe I should become vegetarian since I LOVE carbs…although they make me soooo sleepy

  2. Great card and wow, I didn’t know this Hindu tradition. Good luck! I’d have a hard time with it! Do be careful though and eat the appropriate amount of different non-meat items to cover the nutrients that your body needs!!

  3. Well to share with you eversince I got myself pregnant, I have not been vegetarian for long long time. too fast get hungry and no energy. It’s good to practise it..but some may not. and this card you made really ‘vintage’ style..way to go lady

  4. I love your exotic Christmas card – especially the musical roof! It’s great that you are able to show respect for your late father in law in this way. Maybe you’ll find it hard to return to full meat after your thirty days!

  5. Your card is lovely and the Santa in the hot air balloon is cute 🙂
    Nice you can fit in and respect the Hindu tradition of eating vegetarian. Would be hard to do! Good luck 🙂

  6. Wow, I had no idea that a vegetarian fast/change of eating habits is traditional. I’ve been trying to cook vegetarian around 3 times a week for hubby and I and it’s been challenging enough!

  7. woooh,is it your blog. few minutes ago I send u a msg.ur creation is beautiiiiiful, love to see ur work too.Thank u again, to join my blog, what about ur finger? is it ok now? hope it is ok. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Lovely card… the colors are so soft and pretty.

    I just came by seeing your comment on Savitri’s blog. Tough being a vegetarian, huh? I’m a Hindu vegetarian by birth and for life :-). My husband and I eat eggs very very occasionally when we are on vacation but we don’t get them home!! Not even for baking. 😉 All the very best to you for the month; guess it must be really difficult when you aren’t used to it!

    Hugs from India,

  9. ooooooh! love this card–those webster pages are ♥FAB♥ for xmas…i love santa in his hot air balloon!!! ♥♥♥

    ps: palak paneer!!! one of my favorites…that and aloo palak! YUM!!! ♥

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