Doily thanks :)

blue crocheted doily




Hi peeps..

Just wanna say thanks for always dropping by and leaving me such wonderful love. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, for always supporting my journey craft and making my day. πŸ™‚

This card is simple.. inspired by Clean & Simple stamping sketch 123 challenge and Day 319 stitching (with twine) by 365 cards. See the crochet doily… I have made them over the last two weeks. It takes an hour to make one :p. I am still learning but enjoying trying different things.

Some other colours that I had made πŸ™‚ Enjoy… have a great weekend !


multicoloured crocheted doilies




24 thoughts on “Doily thanks :)

  1. Oh my! So pretty card! Love the crochet dollies!! You made them! How fun! I do not know how to make. You are so talented gal!

  2. Wow….this is great! I was looking at the picture and was like asking ‘did you make this?’ Then while scrolling down…I’m so surprise and so proud of you. You made this!! Oh! So good, wish I can do crochet too…

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