Awesome Day!


for a 25 year old guy!, so he claims :p... Happy Birthday

Hi peeps..

Just to share with you a one layer masculine card I made for  a friend.. We celebrated his birthday last Friday a pub, and later on karaoke. This is a little grunge.. hehehe.. a fun play at cardmaking.

About the card

Lots of misting, distressing plus some stitching and a little ribbon. I had use the funky stamps from WPlus9 and combined it with another favorite masculine stamps from Practising Creatitvity Designs. I kinda liking the combination of both the stamps sets.

My friend liked it, I am so glad about that.. coz I almost thought I had overdone it lol. We crafters are sometimes our own hardest critics! Ok… gotta to go now 🙂

Have a great week ahead 🙂


19 thoughts on “Awesome Day!

  1. Ohmy ohmy ohmy. This is by far one of the best masculine cards I have EVER seen! Love the combination of stamps ad the colors, the misting and well, everything!

  2. Well, it sure ain’t common nor easy making cards for men. This a cool one!

    I wonder if you would see the ‘like’ that I clicked on some of your posts when I view them through Google Reader. Not sure if you get notified just like FB.

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