February Cards for Charity Updates ( Part 1)

Hey all,

First, I know I am rather late in posting this, but was too caught up with new job… so here it is..

About two months ago, I posted the designs for  Cards for Charity Part1 , Cards for Charity Part2 and Cards for Charity Mini collection  for our fund raising project for Rumah Jaireh, home for HIV children :). About 11 of us made over 100 mini cards that day. Packs were sold at RM40 (for 6 minis) and from the sales, we made about  RM580 so far, and some cards are still being sold 🙂 by different parties.


ps.. If you are interested to help Rumah Jaireh, and purchase some of these cards (limited edition), you can drop me an email or contact Rumah Jaireh directly, Dr Lucy Campos. Many thanks. 🙂


So, It was my first sharing session on craft, I was absolutely thrilled that it went so well. Great bunch of aspiring crafters.. .hats off to you and especially the guys! I am amazed that I do have a collection of craft materials and tools to keep them all so so busy :D. A funfilled afternoon with plenty of food, contribution from everyone… craft and food, go really well together lol! *wink*

Over the next few days, I will post some of the contributions from our fellow crafters who has generously participated in this initiative. :). Thank you so much for your support in this.

So today, I share some photos from the session that we have had. It was some production centre… We are planning another session soon for Christmas cards :D. Thank you all your support!!!! Heart you guys.. you did such a fabulous job!!!!

Charmaine using Trimmer and measuring for die cut
Colouring Stamped Image with Copics
Stamping on Die cut, pti Butterflies
Danny adhering pearl embellishments onto diecut n stamped butterflies 🙂

9 thoughts on “February Cards for Charity Updates ( Part 1)

  1. I should show my husband these photos. Men can craft and like it! And best of all, do some amazing work! Congrats on the fundraiser. What a great cause you all were working for.

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