A day at the Market

Hi Peeps,

Today I share with you a post on recent trip back home to visit my parents. My parents both in their 70s stays with my youngest brother Paul. Every trip home  is humbling for me, for I have become accustomed to city life of comfort and luxury that my parents of their generations find hard to understand.. a little spendrift I may add. To be able to craft like I do here, is luxury!

My mum, who has been a farmer all her life, toiled 20 hours daily when we were growing up, tapping rubber, growing melons and chillies to put food on the table. My dad was then working as a labourer with meager income. Growing up was tough but still as children we would find little nooks and corners, where we become alive and have so much fun, moments where no money can ever buy…. We never really knew what hardship is really all about at that time, coz we always find moments to amuse ourselves and have fun.

My mum, after she could no longer tap rubber due to her age, and its a hard job, she started selling local homegrown herbs in the market… From there, her friends who have orchard and land, started to ask her to help sell their farm produce, hence she started her business of selling veggies, fruits and flowers in the market at the ripe age of late 60s. Today her little veggie stall thrive with regular customers who are so faithful to her, that when she took a break due back problem recently, they continue to support her and encourage her. They missed her stall :).

My dad who has over the years, have difficulty in walking, now wheelchair bound, helps her in the market. This business have given them so much vigour, hope and social networking in the marketplace at this point of their life. I marvel at their tenacity for life, financial independence and their sense of worth of being alive and being capable.

I was at home, and helped them for a few days. Enjoying their company in selling, as a family, I must say it has been humbling, and wonderful to have spent that time with them in the market. My only prayer for them is continued good health and may they always have abundance and happiness in life. :). Its not in the chinese culture to show affection, hug, kiss, or say I love you… its rather an awkward moment  to do that :p. I remembered the first time I say “I love you” to my mum, I cried a bucket.. lol.

I know, this post is really dedicated to them esp my mum, a belated Mother’s Day tribute :), I share some simple photos ( I almost dropped my camera.. but found it later amongst other things :P, so glad I didnt lose, or else I might not be able to share these today…my parents in the market and they are very camera shy… 🙂 and they call me silly for taking these photos :p

My bro Paul and Dad in action at the market
My mum running her small veggie stall at the market

About the card….. 

Just a simple card I made with limited supplies that I had brought home… Using kraft base, doily, punched pp, and adhering pieced cupcake. I had lined different colours of twine on the base to add a bit character. and end it with a button tie. A really simple one.

Hope you enjoyed this  little sharing and insight into my life and family back home… Thanks for your love and dropping by!


10 thoughts on “A day at the Market

  1. It’s very very inspiring to read about the story of your parents and your kiddo days. How easy it was to keep ourselves entertained even when money was not abundant?? Your parents are a great inspiration 🙂

    Reading your posts brought me back to the good old days too… where we were free to roam around without being worried of abduction, and even simple things like catching ladybugs and playing near the drain brought giggles and laughters …oh well…good ol’ days 🙂

    Love your card that was made with minimal supplies!

  2. What a lovely post Annie, I loved reading about your family’s life.. yes what a different life and when we were young we used to be so happy with everything. Thank you for sharing and your card is gorgeous, loved the simple style and nice twine. Hugs xxx

  3. What an inspirational post Annie. Your love for your family shines through and it’s important to remember our beginnings.

    I love the way you’ve used the bakers twine on your card, taking the colours from the striped paper. Vx

  4. reading your post today brought flashbacks of my childhood too…it’s true wat u say and I’m touched by your family’s humbled beginings.very inspiring…it’s the simple things in life that keep the family happy together..

    I too have become very spendthrift these days u know..i prob need to take a step back and ponder..thanks for sharing Annie..

    and your card… is beautiful my friend! 🙂

  5. Awww reading about your post brings back memories of my own carefree childhood too. Am glad you didn’t drop you camera Annie, what a blessing. Love your card!

  6. Oh Annie, I love this post…such a wonderful tribute to your family….I love seeing the pictures….You can just tell that they are spectacular people…makes me smile:)

    Love your cupcake-y card too!

  7. Love this card, Annie. I have such a hard time with cupcakes, yours is fabulous! I love the pictures of the market. I used to enjoy so much going when I lived in Indonesia. Life was good!

  8. Hi Annie,

    It’s been a while since I visited your blog. I love reading this post. The phrase that touched me was the ‘I love you’ that you said to your mom. I had tears in my eyes the minute I read that. What an inspiring post, Annie!

    – Evelyn

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