Today is my last day of my break and I start a new job tomorrow, 1st June. Feeling a little anxious, anxious coz my break has past me by and anxious because, I am moving back into training and development-my dream job, in a totally new industry – retail.. feeling anxious cos, I worry I have forgotten how to do it.. heheheh.. I worry too much dont I, thats why I need to craft… to take my minds off things.. hahaha! Thank God for the blessing for crafting in my life πŸ™‚ and my bloggy friends to journey with me.. for I am not alone *wink*.

I can only thank God for His grace and blessings in my life at the moment, coz I have been thru a lot, and this has been a healing journey for me… heart!

I made this card for myself, to encourage myself as I begin this new journey .. to believe in myself, in what I can do, and just be my best! :). This card is inspired by Less is More challenge.. another very simple card, just stamping and distressing. Love this sentiment stamp from Unity…and fern from pti

……. say a prayer for me, yeah, that my health is steady to endure the demands of the job and that I know how to learn to relax and let go when I need to *wink*.. many thanks!

Also to share.. some pics.. of the food I whipped up during the short break. I hardly cook but when I do, I can cook up a storm.. luckily hubby appreciates them… I shall miss cooking when I start my new job.. enjoy… yes.. I have been making western dishes.. and will share more of local dishes when I do cook them.. (will have to wait for my next cooking binge :P)

one of my favourite dip : Basil leave, olive oil, garlic, pine nut, lemon juice and parmesan cheese blend.
Cubed baquette drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and toasted... crunchy yums
Simple breakfast with hubby πŸ™‚ : Black pepper sausage, scrambled eggs with cheese and parsley, buttered bread and coffee πŸ™‚
Salad with cherry tomatos, dressing balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese and top it off with my crunch olive toast
Another hearty breakfast of bacon, sunny side up eggs, buttered bread πŸ™‚
Baked pizza - lebanese bread base, spread with basil pesto and tomato prasatta, ingredients of diced tomato, capsicum of red/green/yellow, onion, ham, shitake mushroom and lotsa cheese toppings.
Angel hair pasta with capsicum of red, yellow & green, shitake mushroom, ham, with extra virgin olive oil, cayenne pepper and herbs, topped it with grated parmesan cheese πŸ™‚

32 thoughts on “Believe…

  1. Hey Annie, best wishes on your new job! This is such an encouraging card for yourself and I love the sentiments! Take care and trust in the Lord. and your food look yummy!

  2. lovely to see that you’ve been busy both in the kitchen and craftroom during your break, and lucky you have a husband who appreciates your cooking! My hubby is picky and will only eat his fav foods, and is suddenly full if nothing he fancy is available :p

  3. That card is simply stunning Annie πŸ™‚ That is a beautiful leaf/fern stamp. πŸ™‚
    Food looks great too heheee
    All the best for your new job.

  4. Lovely card Annie! Good luck on the new job…I’m sure you’ll do well! πŸ™‚

    The food looks so yummy! Note to self: Do not visit Annie’s blog on an empty stomach…;)

  5. Hi Annie
    Despite your proportions being slightly out, this is just wonderful!
    Absolutely love it!
    My mouth is watering at the salad and pasta!!
    Wishing you good luck for your new venture
    Thank you!
    Diva LIM mandi
    Less is More

  6. Gorgeous card Annie! Those food pics are making me hungry though. LOL Good luck on your new job tomorrow- I’m sure you’ll blow them away!!

  7. This is so elegant and stunning Annie. Love the simple look and well done on doing a card for yourself πŸ™‚ Good luck on your new job and those food pics look so yummy. Hugs xxx

  8. Good luck with your new job and these pics made me hungry!
    Your card is great too!
    Thanks so much for joining us.
    Lady LIM
    “Less is More”

  9. Wow! Your card is so pretty and I so love the sentiment! It’s so meaningful and I so can relate to it right now! Oh gosh! You make me hungry!! Your home cooked food looked super delicious! You inspire me to cook πŸ™‚ Good luck in your new job!

  10. wow, the card is so are getting into one layer stamped card…and that’s wonderful technique. So hungry to see the food…but I cant finish that much…..finally your new job is today…..let’s see what you can share with your new job today…demanding..suppressing?..or relax..

  11. This is the most beautiful card Annie and perfect for giving yourself encouragement! I wish you all the best in your new job and hope you don’t become a stranger in Blogland. Take care, Vx

  12. All the best in your new job Annie dear!! You’ll do great!! πŸ˜‰ lovely card! the sentiment couldnt be true-r and all that yummy food!! πŸ™‚

  13. O my God this card is breath taking dear, no words I have to praise this, and oh I still not taking breakfast send some for me, its mouth watering dear.

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