Hello Sunshine

hi peeps…

I am totally missing the blogging world and visiting you.. I have just started work, its a little stressful getting used to new environment and wake up times, making new friends, colleagues and understanding business and work scope.. So please do bear with me and I will visit you soon…

Here’s a card I made last week for a little girl, Mary, who is the choir princess of STM… She is such a lovely princess.., so when I woke up at 530am and decided to make this simple card and express courier to her since her birthday had just passed… I am told it was her first courier delivery too :).. sorry for the bad lighting… was still sleep walking when I took this 😛

Thats all.. more soon… thanks for all your love and prayer….

10 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine

    • oooo awesome card Annie!!! 🙂 love the sweet colours! she wud;ve loved it for sure! 🙂 hope ur new job’s exciting and ur having fun! sending hugs ur way! 🙂

    • This is so cute! Love the happy sweet colours! 🙂

      Have fun at the new job…don’t fret about things you can’t control…:)

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