Congratulations on your Ordination :)… so very proud of you!

Hi peeps 🙂

I am still on my holiday stroll :)… another day off, a working day and then the weekend woo hoo.. My first break since I started working with my new company. I am on a Much Needed break :). I had tonnes of stuff to do, so … I dont feel much of a hols yet lol!

Today is a special day… today two important occasions…. I am sharing the first one 🙂 and a card that I had made for a good friend of mine who has just being Ordained as a Jesuit priest. So very proud of him :). I hope he likes the card which I made for a group of us from my university days – a really close group of friends, who came together to celebrate his ordination.

It was a beautiful ceremony, rather lengthy but meaningful and beautiful. I thought his speech was so heartwarming, he will make such a wonderful priest. A group of us reunited for this celebration. I would like to name them, so as, to recall our get together.. they are…  Carina Lai, Veronica Hendriks, Patrick Lee & Jean Nolan and kids, Anthony Tan & Genevieve and kids, David Liau, Paul Yeow, Jim Peter & Annie and kids, Caroline and kids, Angelina & family, Jerald Joseph & Cynthia Gabriel, Alex, Adrian Maurice & family, Anna Har, Cecilia Chai, Jecintha, Morgan & family, Jeffery Lawrence, Pearl Louis, Raymond Chong & family, Paul Yeow… and those I cant remember now.

We were really a close knitted group of friends during our uni days, with CUS (Catholic Undergraduate Society) where we shared, laughed, sung, cried together, as we journey our life and aspirations. A memorable and cherished time.. and we meet again… its like we have never been apart. So it was wonderful. Tomorrow, some of us will be attending the first Mass said by my now ordained friend, priest, Rev Fr Varghese Lopez. We are so proud of him and pray that he will do great things to come 🙂

I have yet to come by and visit you.. Will do so very soon. Thanks for your love and support. Cherished them. Makes my heart sing and puts smiles on my face every time I read your lovely comments… Thanks so very much!!!


Day 182 Buttons and Bows

Hi peeps,

How are you today :). See the smiles.. {wink}… coz I am on half day leave and we are on a long stretch of holidays ( well maybe it could be longer :p).. we are celebrating Eid Mubarak, or Hari Raya, Muslim new year celebration over the next two days… and August 31 is our National Day, so we are national holidays till Thurs. I go back to work on Fri, then the weekend :).

Today I share a toughie challenge from Day 182, 365 cards, of Buttons and Bows ( 5 each )… got me thinking and I finally came up with this. Hopefully you like it… wanna do the challenge, come on by and play :). It was definitely fun.

Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin :). Happy hols Malaysians… have a great week ahead rest of the world… me off to a music retreat.. got to blast and jam… with friends, well I will just croak along… so cool!. Ciao!

Strawberry Lemonade

My mixed drink... Lemonade strawberry and a tinge of.... 🙂

Hi peeps,

Sharing with you a  card I made for the Mondays 🙂 at 365cards. And this week, Day 175, its Mixed Drinks :)! Strawberry Lemonade – Whatever this lovely beverage makes you think of should inspire your card.

Have fun and make sure you drop by and mixed me some mojo :)… take  care .. Hugz…

Vintage Red

Hi peeps,

Its Vintage with RED Day 168 at 365cards today… what a great challenge!

So, here’s something simple that I have cooked up for this challenge… doesnt the red give it a little something! 🙂

I am feeling a little under the weather… with bouts of rash and  my flu and cough is back!…

Gotta go!.. .Have a great week ahead 🙂

My Beautiful Balloons


Happy Monday-ers!  It’s the day of the week at 365cards, Day 161 and today the challenge is Create a balloon out of anything that isn’t actually a balloon (for example, a button) and add it to your card.  And how fun is that!

So this is my little creation, a simple one!.. All stamps used are from Papertrey Ink. I just love them:). So make sure you create some balloons today and hop by and play..

Also, I share a Birthday RAK I received from fabbie talented Shirl Leong, who sent this little beauty and a bookmark. Thanks Shirl for the RAK. Sorry, I am rather slow in posting, I am behind on time on so many things! Thanks dear… Love it 😀

RAK from Shirl Leong

Happy week ahead :D…

I like you a latte

Hi peeps,

Happy Monday-ers :), do I sound more cheery… yes? coz work is becoming more manageable of late, though, there is so many projects that are underway to keep me busy till year end. However, great that I am beginning to pace a little so that I can enjoy my crafty time. 🙂

Today I share with you a Simple Card I made according to today’s challenge… over @ 365cards. Its card recipe day…. hope this is not too simple Pam :p. And… I love latte… 🙂

4.25×5.5 card

Scallops (anywhere on the card)

3 Buttons

1 Stamped image

A sentiment (any way you want to do that one)

There are so many variations of cards that I can make, but I ended up with this CAS. Hope you like it… Happy week ahead! Love ya!

oopss… just to let a little cat out of the bag.. Happy birthday to me! :D.. hugs to you all… promise.. I will visit soon.