Spin Me A Yarn (ORNAMENT)

Finished ornament embellished with more twine and bligs
threading the stamp image with yarn
Adhering the ornament to the card

Hi peeps,

This Monday I share with you a DIY card I made .. well more of an embellishment I made using YARN…

Today’s challenge at 365cards, Day 266 Spin Me A Yarn.. challenges us to make an embellishment out of yarn.. and I made a Christmas tree ornament, using this lovely yarn thread of mustard yellow and brown, and further embellished it with divine twine and red blings :).

Just another CAS card.. πŸ™‚ Hope you like it…

… another piece of good news.. I have just quit my job in retail line……. 6 more working days… and I am having my Christmas break… planning a good Christmas preparation that include spring cleaning, craft room cleaning and major reorganizing, baking, crafting, cooking and preparing my heart for Christmas.. its gonna be awesome and I am so excited about it… yeah to liberation from work for at least two months.. tee hee… and this means I should be visiting you and blogging world πŸ˜€

Have a great week ahead peeps… hugs…


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