Journal Making with the Boys :D

this is Bishman's completed 8X8 inch journal with Tim Holtz world paper as cover.. Love the effect on the journal.. Real cool for guys
This is Rohan's completed 5X5 inch journal with personalised stamping to add that personal flavour. Paper is from Tim Holtz

Hiya peeps,

Just to share some pics of the journals made today in a craft class with two wonderful young guys… They enjoyed the session, I hope they do! πŸ™‚ totally made my day. πŸ˜€

We started by choosing covers… They love the grungy papers by Tim Holtz and both selected the world map page, Bishman decided to do the 8 X 8 inch size journal and Rohan decided a smaller one 5X5inch. From there, we started the paper cutting and preparing for the whole punching and operating the zutter. They made the covers and finally putting everything together.

Then comes the stamping… they wanted some personalisation…. so I had this brand new Gypsies stamps that are just perfect for them… The chose all the phrases that they had wanted, stamped it with different colours and unto the journal. We also learn the phrase of day… ” there is really no real mistake in art ”

So here are the pics.. They are both such wonderful, creative and intelligent boys, and have enjoyed very much working with them to make their very own, only in the world journals.

Heart you guys.. I enjoy the crafting time with you.. {heart}

Cheers… xxx

Rohan at work, preparing the cover for his journal
Bishman hard at work, preparing his cover πŸ™‚
Inside Rohan's journal, on the back cover is the another paper from Tim Holtz.. and random stamping Gypsies in multi colours
Insides of Bishman journal, similar strips of Tim Holtz paper and random colourful stamping (Gypsies)
The two of them loving their new journals and clowning around πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Journal Making with the Boys :D

  1. It’s was a fantastic session Annie. You are a gifted teacher, Annie. The boys treasure their journals and carry it around with them everywhere…. even to bed.

    Thanks for the wonderful experience Annie.


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