A little something for baby Xania..

Shape card – Baby decorated with pti cut out doilies, pti baby dress felt cut out, grossgrain pink ribbon, buttons, lace and tag.

I made this for a full moon gathering that I attended. I love the shape of this card and its just perfect for the occasion don’t ya think? I had used pink and white polka dots to follow the card shape. and line it with doily punches for the laced collar. I used lace and ribbon for the waist area and added on some simple embellishments.

Its for baby Xania and she a month old and just adorable.

Hubby and I got this pressie for her and instead of the usual card in the envelope, I had decided to take tie this card to the pressie using the divine twine. It gives it a lovely touch, no?

Card tied to the present with yummy divine twine. Block alphabet for the baby's name on the card. Cute ain't it?
Card attached to pressie. I would have love a lesser busy background, hubby chose the wrapper whilst I was busy craft shopping :p

Thats all peeps. I will come by and visit you soon.. I have been a pretty busy busy lady with some projects .. and I am so excited and will share more soon! :)… hugs


Materials for the above card are available here @ annielingcraftsupplies.wordpress.com 


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