Homestay :) and playing with SRM Stickers

using SRM Sticker sentiment "For You"
Super Sunday Sketch this week over at 365cards

I have been away, still away at my hometown, spending some time with my mum and dad. Mum had chest pains two weeks ago with some blockages in her main arteries.  She is much better however she still wanting to continue to sell veggies and flowers in the market. The next two weeks for the Chinese communities will be fulfilling their “Chen Ming” obligations where it is customary for family members  to pay respect and visit the graves of their loved ones. So it’s also one of the busier season for her flower biz.

I have decided to visit her to spend some time with her and also to help her during this season. We are trying to get her to quit selling veggies and flowers (its hard work) but to no avail. She has her mind of her own and she loves the market scene, where social life, friends and money earning capacity is such an attractive option rather than sitting home, watching tv and resting. She has been working since the tender age of 8 years following her parents to work and till the land wee hours in the morning and eating fire baked tapioca (staple food for farmers those days), so its understandable that stopping completely her market activities may not be helpful but rather stressful for her. After all, she loves the market place. All we can do is ask her to reduce her activities. Hence, I am back home for the next week or so, just to support and to spend some time to know her and be with her.

Today I am so thrilled to share with you these fabulous SRM stickers. They have been our sponsor for the last one week at 365cards! They are just so easy to use and fun to play. Do check out their fabulous SRM Stickers store and blog :). I had made two cards instead one. (pardon me for the photo quality, had a bit of issue with my camera).. So make sure you do come by and play with us..

My second card 🙂

Using SRM Stickers sentiment "Just a note to say Hello!"

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Follow Your Heart ….

Follow my heart, has been my theme this year …

  • I have opted to quit corporate life ( tough decision )
  • Take time to care for my health, spending time to cook for myself & hubby and focus on proper nutrition
  • Focus on foundation building for myself, to put order into my life and marriage – the best that I can and make my house a Home, spring cleaning all year long ( yes.. sad to say I have so much junk to clear :p)
  • Embark on a career that allows me more flexibility of my time and space
  • Take time for spiritual reflection and silence for inner growth
  • Spend more time with my aging parents and catching up with friends and building my social network
  • Last but not least, more time for creative work in my life!

It has been challenging to stick to the plan, always overdoing things and stressing myself out… But hope to pace myself. ..So its a year to behold and grace for me. I thank Abba for his blessing and immense grace in my life. And I thank my hubby for his support in this journey.

So this Sunday.. to share the card that I have made for 365cards Super Sketchy Sunday. Its a beautiful sketch by Pam and I absolutely love the process of making this card!..

Live your heart today… love and hugs.. xxx

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Celebrate Your Day!!!

Weddings.. 🙂

Since I joined the church choir, I have attended so many weddings, run through the vows that are so endearing, and our local priest, emphasizing the importance of marriage, fidelity and in it for the long haul, makes us smile all the time. Marriage is tough work, more so when partners are very different, going through different phase in life with different needs, wants and views… 🙂

Saying all that, I am still a romantic at heart, a believer in love and relationship! So I am so happy for my friend Roy and his bride Devi tied the knot today. Due to family commitments and I have been unwell of late, I wasnt able to make it for his wedding. He and his bride will move back to Australia after the wedding and my good friends are there partying.. yes (jealous here :p).. friends makes wedding memorable!!!

I made this for the couple and plan to make a mini album as a gift (IOU) ( I know I am so late huh! shame on me.. but I have had so many things happening in my life of late plus was unwell, for two weeks now) so… I will get the an album done and courier it to them :)! Will share once ready!

Hope you like this 🙂 Happy weekend. Cheers and hugs!

Bookmarks to share… :)

Hi peeps,

Just a really quick post to share some bookmarks that I made to give to my potential clients when I meet them. Just a soft simple gesture to thank them for their time to meet me :).

I am starting a new career (part time currently, hopefully full time soon 🙂 ) in helping my clients achieve their financial goals via investment products such as starting an investiment portfolio, regular  savings, protection plan and estate planning with one of the leading wealth management establishment in Malaysia.. So much to learn, explore and grow. I am excited, fingers crossed 🙂

Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Hugs to all!!!!!!!!!

For You…

Hi peeps,

I have been busy attending to mum who had a bit of heart problems … So glad that she has recovered. I myself, have been having repeated flu, fever and chesty cough… however on the road to recovery… 🙂 So glad things are going well!

Just to share a card I made, albeit late for 365cards Super Sketchy Sunday. Nevertheless, a card I made for a dear friend, whose birthday is coming up soon. I hope she likes this.

So hop on by 365cards and play 🙂

Its the First Sunday Sketch, new year at 365cards :)

Hey all,

Just to share a card I made for 365cards for this week, first Sunday Sketches ( yeah I am back on the Sunday stint) 🙂

the sketch

and my take of the sketch using a mix of WPlus 9 and pti 🙂

Its late I know, but I have been unwell, with high fever and stuff.. but feeling much better now.. so I thought I quickly post it and get back to my sleep. This is probably a more artistic piece from me and its for someone dear.

Take care peeps.. have a good week ahead.