Chinese New Year cards…


Some new year cards… Chinese New Year is just around the corner. So I have used this gorgeous Yuuzen Japanese papers, mix and match it and whipped up 10 cards for hubby for his office colleagues. Just simple cards and I am making a few more for the New Year celebration coming weekend. Thanks for dropping by 😀


539965_10151412019061999_1438385246_n 189266_10151412019056999_1744071762_n 269232_10151412019041999_2009675018_n 22085_10151412018496999_336736030_n 295435_10151412017941999_1374152041_n 602787_10151412017441999_1645193309_n 555373_10151412016346999_940203929_n 391969_10151412016336999_1701722258_n 321323_10151412016331999_383510154_n 537177_10151410649801999_31510817_n


3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year cards…

  1. hey annie,

    remember me? it’s gppd to see that you are consistent with your blogging & card making. i struggle keeping up with mine. how do you do it? Day job & still have time for this… all the time?

    anyway, happy chap goh mei. i am a bit homesick now. missing all the msian hawker food & cny food 🙂

    keep up the good job!

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