Blessed Easter everyone!!! :)

Mar 31

Hi peeps,

Before I say more, just wanna wish you all a Blessed Easter and give you a Big Hug!!! 🙂

Yeap, I am back to share with you a card today, I know its not an Easter card. Easter symbolises New Life… well, this is kinda the same too, dont ya think :p. Its a baby card. I just love making this card, coz its a happy card and I love the sweet colours, baby pin and all the tiny hearts that I had used here. Love! 🙂

I am back in my hometown to help my mum run her vege stall in our local market, for the the ching beng season.


(top row, left, my fave Foochow handmade noodles in dry wanton with black sauce ( black fungus, bamboo shoots in black sauce), the best white chicken rice ever 😉 ), 2nd row –crafting with my nephew – introduce him washi tapes lol, 2nd row – mum’s vege stall – mum and my brother Paul, 3rd row – sea shell fondly known locally as “Balitong” makes a nice suckling sea shell,  our new furry friend (stray) that follows mum to the market daily and lastly the flowers that she sells 🙂 )

Its the season for us chinese (similar to All Souls Day), to visit the graves of our family members who had passed on. During this time, my mum sells flowers in addition to her vegetables… and its one of her busiest seasons. Flowers sold are mostly chrysanthemums. So I am back here for a week or two and also just enjoying catching up with my fabulous brother Paul Ling ( he is angel without wings) and my mum and dad. Its a bonus, having all the local Foochow delicacies whilst I am home… super yummy 🙂


This card has been inspired by the fabulous sketch by our Wendi over at 365cards for the Super Sketchy Sunday, lovely sketch dont you think 🙂

So hop on by and look at the other gorgeous creations by 365cards DT, be inspired and join us !!! 🙂 Blessed Easter everyone! 🙂



Janice Coble




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