Happy Mother’s Day :)

May 12

Hi all,

Just wanna wish all a Happy Mother’s Day. Mothers are the source of us coming into the world. And for some of us, mothers are tied to our very being and identity.

I remember some of my very first lessons of  tolerance and kindness that I had learnt from her, sitting behind her on a bicycle ride (that I so love dearly to follow her once weekly, when she goes and counts her dry rubber sheets for sale). She shared her wisdom, whilst helping her clean slaughtered chicken or ducks, as we do chores together. Those were the tender moments, where she imparts bits of herself to me :).

When I had my first heartbreak, my consoled me, made sure I had enough food and made sure I could stand up again. When I managed to get into local university (which was really tough in the 80s as only 2 – 5 students from a school can actually get a place in a local university from Art Stream due to quota system and lack of tertiary institutions), She worked for every penny to make sure I stay put there till I got my government loan.  She fell very ill during my final year due to many many years of being overworked. How can I ever thank her enough.

She is 70 years old this year, and still she works so hard (yes, put me to shame) selling vegetables and flowers in the market. She was a rubber tapper from the age of 8 years old till 60 years old. She is not who likes idleness. She was born in a generation, where hardwork is an attribute.

When my grandma sold off her land, my mum started selling bits of herbs that she had planted in the local market. Sitiawan, with humble origins of many landowners, had plenty of homegrown fruits and vegetable that are self grown, and my mother started helping them to sell their extra produce in the market. Today, she with the help of my dad and brother, run a rather good biz daily. She enjoys being independent and earning at her age. And my dad, though wheelchair bound, loves the market scene. Perfect pairing, dont ya think lol.

She has a fierce passion for independence, self reliant and a woman of great love. Our childhood were tough and we practically lived in poverty, but she always gives us her best, and never thinking about herself. She would amuse us with the stories daily at work.. yup she help at 3 different part time jobs at any given time to make sure we had sufficient food on the table.

Today, with all of us grown up, she is happy running her vege stall, earning her own living, .. and she insists of buying us dinner every time we are back home… {grin}

I just love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for the person that you have helped mould me to be.

Here’s a picture of her and me and lil nephew and nieces…


okie… back to the card..

This card is a birthday card that I made for my brother Francis, his birthday is fast approaching, before I forget lol.

This card has been inspired by this lovely sketch by Wendi over at Super Sketchy Sunday.


So make you come by and play along with us. Before that, check out all the beautiful creations by our lovely DTs.



Janice Coble





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