Part A – Long Life Noodles

Long Life Noodles, few long strands makes the mesh bundle, when fresh, its crispy and white

Long life noodles with Rice Wine Chicken are a traditional delicacy of Foochow clan, another subclan of the Chinese communities. It is an important dish, pass down from generation to another, a young child learns to eat them at first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, or at birthday or auspicious ocassion. It signifies Longevity, Abundance and Prosperity. It’s cultural significance within the clan is as important as any of the historical cultural elements of Foochow.

Today, I am just going to share with you about the Foochow Long Life Noodle:

Long life Noodles are traditionally handmade. You get the machine mades ones today.. but still the hand manouver and toss seem to make the noodles soft and supple. Its made of flour, salt and yeast. The reason its called Long life Noodle, because it is a very long noodle. The noodle requires skills to make and spun into very tiny long strips and into circular motions, making it look like a mesh of strings and dried out in the sun. A white dried noodle can withstand upto a month in air tight containers. You will know that its time to threw out the noodles when it turns light yellow in colour and looses its crisp.

Cooking the long life noodles

Long life noodles are easy to cook, salty in flavour. To cook a bunch of crispy noodle ( a string meshed noodle), you will need to boil a litre of water in the pot. When the water is boiled just add in the noodle. It will start to rise when it is cooked, abt a minute later. There is no need to add salt, as the noodle itself has salt added to it.

When cooked, the white colored noodles now looks translucent. It is now ready to be served with the Rice Wine Chicken.

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