Part B Red Rice Wine Chicken Soup

In the Long Life Noodles dish, the specialty comes from the other half of the dish which is the red rice wine chicken soup. Today, I will share with you the preparation of the rice wine soup.

homemade red rice wine

Red Rice Wine is the key ingredient to the soup. Unlike other rice wine, this wine has red undertones. The secret to the homemade wine colour is because of the combination of two different rice, white and red glutinous rice and yeast. The preparation of the wine takes abt 30-40 days. So wine making is done at least two months in advance in preparation for the Chinese Lunar Year or any auspiscious occasion within the family such as childbirth.

Preparing the Rice Wine Chicken Soup

Ingredient: 1 chicken cut to pieces, 1 long thumb of old ginger ( cut sliced into strips), 5 -6 pieces of dried mushroom (soaked and cut to 3), chicken broth, sesame seed oil, red rice wine sendiments, and red rice wine.

Making the soup

Saute the ginger with sesame seed oil till golden, add in the red wine sediments, quick mix it so that it blends nicely red and add in chicken pieces. Add in a generous amount of rice wine and stir fry. By now, the chicken will be nicely coated in slight red from the wine sendiment. Then add in the mushroom for a quick stir. (I do alternate fresh shitake mushroom with dried ones. Dried shitake mushroom has more flavour to it that adds volume to the soup.) Add in chicken broth and boil. Notice the soup is now has red tinge colour as well. When the meat is tender, add another good dash of rice wine. and finally add salt and soy sauce to taste.


When the soup is boiling, this is a good time to remove layers of chicken oil that floats (to cut down all excess oil ) AND..Secondly, pour a bit of the soup onto the long life noodles that have been cooked to avoid the noodles from sticking to each other.

Ready to serve

Add the long life noodles to the bowl and dish in the rice wine soup with chicken and mushroom.

Let me know your feedback. wanting to get a red rice wine, leave me your comments! Bon Apetite 🙂

5 thoughts on “Part B Red Rice Wine Chicken Soup

  1. Is there any recipe available for learning how to make homemade red rice wine? is hard to find red rice wine in singapore. Hence, I would like to learn how to self making the rice wine.

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