Coconut Candy

I first fell in love with coconut candy during Canteen Week when I was schooling in Convent Sitiawan. At then end of every school term, after all the exams are over, the school organises canteen week. Each class will aim to raise fund by volunteering to make some food and sell them to other classes. So every day for that one and a half week ( we only had 8 secondary classes), we will have foods parade from other classes displaying their wares by going from classroom to classroom. How I miss them!

Coconut candy is so very nice la! Its main ingredient are freshly grated white coconut, butter, condensed milk and colouring. I love the colours and the rich flavours but not the very sweet ones that you get at the shop. I got this recipe from my friend Giti and she makes such lovely candies for Diwali every year. When when I visit, I would normally hoard the candies :p. So she has learnt to make extras for me lol.

I have since made the coconut candy myself.. and friends and family love it. It has the rich texture that you dont get to experience when you buy them at the shops. Its really easy to make and the kids love them.


One freshly grated coconut (fresh coconut adds a really nice body to the candy compared to the dried (desicated) ones you get at the supermarkets.

2 cups of sugar ( normally I use only 1 cup)

125g butter

1 tsb ghee (I find with the touch of ghee, the candy has oomph. It still taste good if you choose to omit)

1 tsp vanilla

 1 small can of sweetened condensed milk

colouring ( normal colours used are green, pink and yellow, either one)

Making the coconut candy

Mix everything and stir in a pan/wok over a low fire. Then add in desired coloring and continue to stir. Constant stirring is important to avoid burns.

Stir till the liquid in the mix starts solidify, thicken and becomes  a dough. Just continue to stir till it feels ready and remove from the pan.

Dish it into a flat plate or small 8X8 inch tray and flaten it out with with your spoon. Leave it to cool. You will need to cut the candy into small cubes size while its still warm and before it hardens.

You can put them into the fridge to help it solidify further when its cool. You can put them into a jar. Since it is not perservative added, it is best to consumed them within the week.


Sugar when its cooked and caramelised its Very HOT, careful not to touch it or taste it hot, let it cool before when tasting whilst cooking.

Make sure your white freshly grated coconut is white and remove any darken skin. It will avoid spots in your candies.

Stirring long enough is important to ensure that your candy will solidify and hardens, otherwise,  it will not harden, and remains soft in room temperature.

To get a really smooth surface, you can layer the  top with cling wrap and use a spoon to smoothen it out whilst its still warm.

ps… will upload pics.. just realise I forgotten to take the pics the last time I made them.

4 thoughts on “Coconut Candy

  1. Hi annie.. I juz made my favourite candy on my own for the very first time.. And it turned out very well with your recipe … Thank you for your perfect camdy recipe…
    * i added grond nuts and extra condensed milk …

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