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How my journey in crafting started..

This is my latest passion. Crafting into the world unlimited colours, shapes and art. I have always love to make cards when I was younger, just simple, simple cards. I always wanted to make personalised Christmas cards every year but never got to finish my cards 😦 till last year.

How did this passion got reignited? My goddaugther’s Desiree’s 21st birthday about a year ago. I wanted to make a card for her and I went shopping for some basic material.. and wahla! I walked into a CRAFT shop in 1Utama, Craft Haven… I think my twinkling eyes opened that day :). Never knew such things existed (talk about katak di bawah tempurung lol).

I just went crazy and started hunting down crafts shop ( Scrapbooking at 1Utama, The Papier@ The Curve and one more at BSC and I got addicted to the world of colours, papers, patterns, inks, punches, embellishments and everything that falls into that category.

So I have purchased the store!.. but getting down to it was another thing. I made a card once a month… all my beloved products which I hoard were still remaining untouched. 😦

Then I started the Christmas project, a card a day. It was fun playing with the Christmas stamps, embossing, learning to tie basic ribbons was just a beginning for me.

With all money spent on craft, I needed to make and sell cards or something, so I can further enjoy my craft hobby. Sad to say, its so expensive to enjoy craft as a hobby in Malaysia. This is due to the fact that most products are imported and we pay dearly for currency exchange, postal, rental etc. My cards are sold at some of the following outlets 🙂

At the moment, almost a year from the day my craze started, I got myself to participate in 365cards challenge. And WOW! what a wonderful thing to do. I enjoy so much all the crafters’ work, styles and passion that they put into the cards. It has been such a great learning experience for me to participate the last seven challenges. Woohoo.. enjoying it and so happy that I am starting to make use of one-by-one the products that I have bought. And I just want to learn so many different techniques, card layout, colour combination and strengthen my personal style into my cards. I am just excited about crafting :)!

Following is a pop up swirl card from Ambriel Craft, by designer Audrey, guest designer. She has such amazing gift and talent. I admire her work and all the details she puts into the cards that she makes.

 For more of our handmade cards, visit Ambriel Craft Card Center .


4 thoughts on “Arts & Craft

  1. Hi! Im Monica’s Daughter, Zeenya. Your site is really nice, you are very good at making cards!! Hehehe!!!

    I was doing a project in school and one of my friends decided to use wordpress…i was also going to use it but then decided not to… how is it?

    Anyway….tell me more about your dogs…! 🙂

    Bye for now,


    • Hi Zeenya,
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Your mum makes lovely cards too.. all gifts from God. 🙂
      Wordpress is really easy to use and I love it. It depends on your needs.. I do find most of the crafters uses blogspot and they are easily connected via follower, just like your mum’s.
      Meera is a German Shepherd, 12 years old, birthday next mth 24th. She is big and she is the queen. 🙂 She is gorgeous and very gentle. I love her dearly.
      Miki is 10years old mixed. She is always kinda scared dog since when she was a puppy. She is adorable too..
      Chelsea is a golden retrieve, a bit small in size, though she can be as big as Meera, but she is just small. Very naughty, very manja and I love her dearly… She is the princess.

      Which part of Indonesia are you from… ?

      • Hi!!!

        Thanks for your quick response!!!!!!

        I am from India, but we are currently posted in Jakarta… Saya ayah kerja di Heinz…Wonder if you know them…? They make ketchup…

        hmmm….i will think about using wordpress,,,,i think ill have to talk to my teacher before making it…

        I know..i love my moms cards… she just had a sale in my school…

        You seem to really like dogs… i like them from a distance but up-close i am quite scared of them… LOL!!!!! 😉


  2. Hi Annie,
    Glad to see your Blog! You had done good art work.
    Travel in London. Back on mid of August.
    A ll the best!

    yuen seam

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