Personal Development

About PRH – Personality, Human Relationship 

I am a person, continously journey to be a happy person, to understand the very fibres that runs through my body that wants to reach my every potential. I have had a challenging childhood, that have moulded me, that have created my square tight boxes all around me… I want to be able to break free to feel the gush of air, warmth that flows through me. To love life, live life and feel connected to this world that surrounds me.

By chance, I was first introduced to PRH, Personal Human Relationship by a church friend and attended the basic course “Who Am I”. What a beautiful programme it was. It took me back to myself, admist the busy mad world, I am taken back to a journey of my growth, my strengths and pillars that guided me through my life.

Since then I took again a few more programme, between 2007-8, I took four more programmes. All the programmes are very different, and it takes me on the journey into my inner self, discovery of the reservoir of treasures within, life giving moments and reaching the peace that settles within.

It is through these programmes, that opened new doorways of passions within. Among them are chinese calligraphy and crafting, the artsy side of me that I have never ever dreamt of existed.

PRH is an international, independent, non for profit educational programmes for adults. The programme started in France. It has enriched and changed my life tremendously. Its gentle approach to self learning and healing has opened up new dimensions of myself and outlook in life. My educator who journeys with me is Sr Theresianne, a trained PRH educator and psychologist, resides and conducts PRH programmes in Indonesia.

4 thoughts on “Personal Development

  1. Hi Annie

    My name is Libby. I am a PRH educator in South Africa. I am interested in connecting with other people who are on the PRH journey world wide, and through internet. I’m interested in talking about personal growth and seeing where we are learning new things about ourselves and our growth journey and where we are getting stuck, and how we get unstuck and so on. Hi there!

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